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    Most miles per tank

    I get'cha 👍🏼 However, I needed new tires(spring 2020) and I see no difference in MPG between these newish P7s and my ol'worn OE MXV4s. These Pirelli's are quite fuel efficient. They were removed for winter 2020-21 and I just reinstalled them. There is ~ 4K-5k miles on them so, I'd say they're at...
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    Subaru CVT oil change made simple.....

    I like the CVT and we have two in my signature. Both work a designed and complimentary of the cars personalities & mission. I suppose you could say that, since we have the means, if we wanted vehicles that were more engaging to drive, we would have bought vehicles that are more engaging to...
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    Most miles per tank

    We will be leaving for FL this weekend in the Altima 2.5(w/65K) in my signature. However, we will have the car loaded up with our belongings and traveling through some hilly areas of the northeast from NY down through PA, VA etc., all the way to Tampa. We'll see how it goes! I mean, I'm using a...
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    Ever consider being a One-Car Family?

    Jumping in here late. Other than the Firebird in my signature in which my wife & I bought new when we got married in 1980 and the Civic that in our daughter's(living on her own) car in which I maintain, my wife & I have cut down to just the Altima for everyday use between the two of us. Rather...
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    cleaning the inside of the windscreen

    I like just regular water in on cloth(any cloth) and a microfiber towel for drying in two directions. Do smaller sections if the water is drying too quickly and don't clean the windscreen in the heat. Also, do it two or more times if you have to.
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    Trouble logging in after forum switched formats last year?

    I don't have that issue with BITOG however, the gas station that I use most(Speedway), their web page causes me the same problem as you describe when I try to log in on my tablet/laptop computer that I am on as I write this. So, in order to check my Speedy Rewards account & points etc. I use...
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    KYB or OEM Toyota shocks?

    In our recent experience with a 2006 mazda3, we had Monroe QuickStruts & OE Spec installed 2X in 3 yrs. They just don' t last the way they used to. The OE lasted over 100,000 miles.
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    Supertech Full Synth High Mileage 5W20 SP

    Yes, very good indeed. My only wish would be is for a bit higher TBN. I don't see 6.9 being all that high as Blackstone says.
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    KYB or OEM Toyota shocks?

    IMO, aftermarket shocks and struts from the brands we once held in high regard are no longer what they used to be. If you want to do the job once, whether you or a shop will be doing the work then do it right and get the OE from Toyota.
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    To change or not to change?

    I changed my oil/filter in the Altima in my signature 11-15-20(prior to Thanksgiving) and I've only gone ~ 2300 miles since and am leaving for FL in a couple of weeks. I don't plan on changing the oil till I get back home. The oil & filter I currently have in the engine is, Rotella Gas...
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    I Used to Visit BITOG Daily

    I've been here since 2003ish and joined on '05. I know what you mean and I agree that things are not the same. I still frequent daily but have gone elsewhere as well.
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    DEAL ALERT !!! Walmart Shell RGT Clearance 5W-30/5W-20 5QT jugs $5.24 YMMV

    Well, we live in different parts of the country. And it's kinda like Chevron & Havoline oils that others seen in their neck of the woods. I haven't seen these oils either at W*M in yeeeears. Though I did find some RGT at AAP for $10.45/5qt jug a few months ago. So I bought 2 jugs.
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    DEAL ALERT !!! Walmart Shell RGT Clearance 5W-30/5W-20 5QT jugs $5.24 YMMV

    I've never seen any RGT at any of my W*M stores in my area. Or, they got rid of it long ago.
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    Chicago Auto Pros Paint Coating Test

    Another good test indeed! I base all of these test from videos like this one and others such as Pan the Organizer & Project Farm as all good tests to use as a guideline. But who really knows until you put a product on your paint and run your vehicle in your climate for a good length of time and...