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    Tires for HD diesel truck (50/50 towing/not, 90/10 pavement/dirt)

    Yes, those are the ones. We serviced a fleet of E series cutaways with the bus chassis and wheel chair lifts along with a few similar ones from the local sheltered workshop. Those things destroyed tires. The Firestones would go about 30k. Sounds terrible I know but the longest I saw a Michelin...
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    Tires for HD diesel truck (50/50 towing/not, 90/10 pavement/dirt)

    Look into a 275/65r20 they’re a 34.5” tall tire and a factory size so the prices are about as good as you can get in that size range. We had issues at my former dealership with Ford Superduty trucks chewing through BFG KO2s in no time. Moving them to General ATx tires solved the issue. The Toyo...
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    Ford 3.5 EB w/ timing rattle - buy or walk?

    You do realize GM has been killing these “trusty V8s” like crazy with their active fuel management system, don’t you?
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    Appendix Carry Holsters The Lenwood Spectre works for appendix carry. It’s actually my brother in laws company and he carries a Springfield Hellcat in that position for his EDC.
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    First new vehicle purchase

    Yeah that whole deal made me look like a fool. I wanted a Toyota for reliability, it left us stranded. I said if we bought the Explorer we should get the extended warranty because an APIM for the sync system is about a $1000 repair and they’re a pretty common failure point. 3 years and 60k later...
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    First new vehicle purchase

    The wife and I both wanted a mini van for the functionality when we got the Explorer. The combination of me being employed at a Ford Dealership and a 2 year old 40k mile Toyota Sienna leaving us stranded on a test drive led to us buying the Explorer Sport. Which was her top choice on based on...
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    First new vehicle purchase

    I tried for a Maurader when we got the Explorer. The wife hates the look of all the panther platform cars though. It has the 3.6.
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    First new vehicle purchase

    We sold the Explorer outright to the local Ford dealership when we ordered the Pacifica. My truck will seat 6 but not comfortably so that was the family vehicle until the Pacifica in, with the Prius being used as commuter/slash not everyone is going car. We sold the Prius to the Ford dealership...
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    First new vehicle purchase

    Not right now as my wife has a long commute to work. When she gets on maternity leave the more frequent short trips should be where the plug in hybrid aspect of it shines. Currently showing 30 mpg average. I believe epa average was 35/35 but I know how the wife drives so 30 sounds about right.
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    First new vehicle purchase

    Never thought I’d see the day when I bought a brand new vehicle. Never thought I’d be ok with paying (almost)msrp but here we are! Needed a vehicle that would fit the whole family and our Explorer only had 6 seats. So with baby number 5 on the way it was mini van time. 2022 Chrysler Pacifica...
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    Hercules Ironman tires

    A set of new Ironman tires came on our used Prius. They hydroplaned in wet conditions since day one. 20k later they’re sitting just above the wear bars.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2011 Ford Focus 85000 miles 5k interval Out Pennzoil Platinum 5w20 and an STP extended life filter In Pennzoil Full Synthetic and a Wix filter
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    Gearing in 1980s 4-cylinder cars

    My 02 Escort ZX2 had a 4.10 final drive ratio. That’s why it’s fuel economy on the interstate wasn’t the greatest. Still the most reliable long term vehicle I’ve had. Although of all things our 17 Explorer(not the most reputable platform)was on par, just not kept as long.