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    Change from Dexcool OAT to HOAT?

    Ford is having issues with Orange (which is Dexcool) in their NEWER vehicles and is changing them all to Yellow (which is Prestone AMAM)-on an older car, which has had IAT green it's entire 55 year life, there's bound to be something left in the cooling system that won't play well with Dex, and...
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    Change from Dexcool OAT to HOAT?

    I would be concerned about the other work done to the car if they were stupid enough to put Dexcool in something that old! One possibility that won't cause trouble is the newer Prestone AMAM with (or without) Cor-Guard-I have a mix of Specialty Orange, new Prestone Dex-Cool, new Prestone AMAM...
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    Couldn't take it anymore

    The xB in my sig came with Eagle LS tires, I changed & gave them away in under 5K miles. Worthless! The Assurance Tripletreds were the only GY passenger car tire worth having-and they discontinued them!
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    How does Champion compare to M1, Wix, Amsoil, etc

    The black Champion Federal Mogul (with the Champion spark plug logo) are made in Mexico by a contract manufacturer, pretty sure it’s not Mann or First Brands affiliated.
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    Chevy to bring back the Corvair name

    That was good, I had never heard about the overheating/fan belt issues on the Corvair. GM seemed to have a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing going back then-when they were good, they were really good, and when they were bad, they were JUNK!
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    My New Induction Scoop

    How did you make that? Stick of dynamite under the hood?? :ROFLMAO:
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    Purolator PL10111 C&P

    But, rest assured, if you run Purolator for over 3K & you DO blow an engine due to the filter, too bad!
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    Purolator PL10111 C&P

    Purolator has stated, for years, via their customer service, that NONE of their filters are rated past 3000 miles, even including their synthetic media filters, regardless of manufacturer recommended OCIs. I asked them years ago about the D3520 D+ filters going the Dodge recommended 10K OCI on a...
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    FRAM Drive 9688 w/pics $4.99 @AAP

    These are a pure money maker, race to the bottom filter for AAP. These Ecores are available in a lot of other places (RA, Service Champ, private labels) for a FRACTION of what AAP is selling them for!
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    FRAM Drive 9688 w/pics $4.99 @AAP

    With all the great coated, drilled & slotted rotors (& kits) available on eBay, mainly Brakemotive, I don‘t know why you would buy them anywhere else (as long as they’re not needed same day).
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    Wix 57302 - bad changes

    Let's see how the media handles use before going overboard-but I had a feeling the Mann & Hummel takeover was going to be trouble...
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    Mobil1 10W-30 API/SP jugs, $5.82 at Walmart

    Ummm... I wasn’t being rude, it was an honest question. I have a pretty big amount of HDEO & down to only one (leaky) diesel to use it in, I may have to donate some to the local food bank to use in their truck, or maybe sell some on CL.
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    Royal purple oil filters have gone downhill?

    Champion Labs knows how to build decent filters-they've been building Mobil 1 & Luberfiner Imperial XL ones for years. I would think there would be some interest from them on that malformed louver one above, and now they're back with Fram again. Hopefully that's a good thing! RP oil filters have...
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    Mobil1 10W-30 API/SP jugs, $5.82 at Walmart

    I h I have a lot myself-I have to ask, what are you going to do with it all?