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    Spotted 2021 Mustang Mach-E today at grocery store

    It would seem that since these cars don't need a grill to pass air through to a radiator that the front end could be more aerodynamically designed. These things just look like incomplete cars. Why have a wide area of nothing that just causes more wind resistance? Use the old Jaguar XKE for...
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    2019 Grand Sport - looking for feedback

    Does not directly answer your question but a good rule of thumb is that for every 10 degrees Centigrade that you increase the temperature, reaction speed doubles.So for every 18 degrees Fahrenheit, your oxidation, etc will double in rate. If your normal going down the road at 55 temperature is...
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    RIP Prince Philip

    And this begins the slow but inevitable process of a new group of people taking over the royal family and its duties. I sincerely hope that when and if Charles becomes king, he can generate the respect that his mother and father earned over the decades.
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    Measuring stairs for to?

    If you are not using that carpet anywhere else, then they have to buy basically a full width of material to get it wide enough to do the bottom stairs which means there will be a lot of "scrap" that you are paying for. Also, don't forget to add in the amount used on the risers.
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    Oil & Common Sense for Small Engines

    I ran an 8 HP Tecumseh on a snowblower for over thirty years. This engine had hundreds of hours on it from doing an entire cul de sac and several driveways every time it snowed. Lots of heavy snows were included in this and that engine really worked hard. All I ever used was was something...
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    Briggs fuel line routing issue? (pics)

    My guess is that if there was an indentation, eventually the line would fail and you have a fire risk. I think you did the wise thing here. You may even want to wrap some foil around the line over the valve cover to reflect the heat.
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    2015 Nissan Altima Cutting Out

    Had a friend whose car did this. Nobody could fix it. Then one mechanic was backing it out of the garage and heard the speedometer cable clicking. Turns out it made enough vibration at speed that the knock detector picked it up and started retarding the timing. When it kept up, it shut the...
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    Briggs carb help

    Also look at diagrams on
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    First Riding mower - Help me out.

    And IMHO buy the Deere from a Deere dealer, not a big box store!
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    Trouble logging in after forum switched formats last year?

    What happened to me is that I would go to the BITOG site using AOL and the screen would come up and disappear. Could not get it to work on AOL for several months so I used Microsoft Edge and that worked fine. Then one day I tried AOL again and it worked fine. Really weird.
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    One of the worst feelings in the world if you're a member here...

    I thought I made a mistake once but I was wrong.
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    Honda recalling 628,000 vehicles for defective fuel pumps

    Amazing, isn't it? Fuel pumps in one form or another have been around for well over a century and suddenly some supplier can't make one that works!
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    2009 Nissan Frontier overheat condition at idle

    These things had an issue with the transmission cooler leaking coolant into the trans fluid. Make sure that this is not happening. I had a 2007 Fronty and loved it but remember this as a sore point.
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    Coolant drain valve location(s) for 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma?

    I routinely suck all the coolant out of my overflow tanks every few months and refill with 50/50 fresh recommended coolant and distilled water. This replaces about a pint of coolant solution. The coolant on both of my VWs is pink as it should be , crystal clear and no signs of residue in the...