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    Veey bright headlights

    My opinion if that current LED/ HID lighting create a significant hazard to other road users during the darker hours. They should have a diffuser in from to make the light more uniforn with no parasitic bright side reflection as well as reducing the color temp to 3800k max. It is not about how...
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    What happened to battery warranties?

    some brands like bosch, varta & yuasa still give 5year in the UK. In hotter countries, I have not seen anything above 2
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    Gas vs Diesel across the country

    ouer government (uk) loves high fuel prices because we pay nearly 60% tax fro every liter we buy. Bast**s
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    Best wipers for hot, very dry climate?

    I can vouch for bosch aerotwin retrofit. Been using them since 2008. Tried OEM (toyota), rain X and a couple of others, keep going back to these. Light weight, quiet, little wing noise when operating. Availability in the US may be an issue though. A couple of times / year, I treat the rubber...
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    Noco Genius5 charger - Reverse polarity issue

    I came across this isse with genius 1. After a charge, I noticed the engine cranking was not as speedy as after a cherge with my CTEK. Running a test battery, I noticed the CTEK maintains the resting voltage at ~13v whereas ginius 1 @ 12.8v. This difference makes a noticeable difference to the...
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    245/50/18 vs 245/45/18

    Add to the above comments: If 3" is the difference between circumference, then would the speedo calibration not go out? The 45, will give a sharper handling & steering responce at the expense of comfort and possible road noise.
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    Best 9006 bulb or do a HIR retrofit?

    IMO a 3 year old philips should not visibly dim. Could be your reflector or the lens, corrosion, clouding or use of previous higher powered bulbs. 9006 is normally used for fog lights over here. I recently swapped mine for auxito LED's since it is not illegal since they are not the main driving...
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    Anyone runDunlop Roadsmart 3

    BLS From pirelli Supercorsa (race) is a track/ road tyre not sport touring. Rosso is the road orientated range, II, IV and IV corsa. I do not see why the laptime table includes michelin PP3:unsure:. I currently run these and they are not in the same class. I rate them as sport touring and not sport
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    Front main o2 sensor lazy?

    for me this is treading on complex ground as you cannot see a hard fault. I would get a diagnostic tool to analyse all the engine running parameters first
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    Anyone runDunlop Roadsmart 3

    I ran the original roadsmart, did not like their lazy steering & handling. Not a problem if your riding is upright. Metzler roadtech gets very high rating as does pirelli angel
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    To V4 or not to V4 are Yamaha considering a radical change?

    I predicted last year yamaha had no chance of retaining the championship considering how good ducati had become. Easy to ride, powerful engine and generally occupy the top 6! And where is yam?? In my view engine is not the only area but ducati electronis are far superior it can turn a wilde pony...
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    Octane vs mpg again...

    A year ago regular unleaded went from E5 to E10. My fuel consumption worsen so I decided to try the super unleaded variety (Vpower RON99 and similar) which have between 0~5% ethanol. I did this for my car & bikes. Compared to E10, the fuel consumption inproved by ~ 3%. RON 95 is specified for...
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    Shell Helix Ultra/Penzoil Platinum 5w40

    over here, shelix hellix is a car engine oil. shell advance ultra is for bikes
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    How bad do you let your tires get?

    These are the 3 considerations I give. The order is important: tread depath below 2~3mm aquaplaning, wet weather cornering & braking ageing
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    Tire Matching

    For road use, I would match the tyres on each axle. Ideally on both axles but not critical prodived they are or similar performance & construction. depending on your use & climat, 2017 tyres could start showing signs of ageing: cracks at the base of the groves or the sidewall. I just replaced...