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    cars with high mileage

    My father sold his 91 Chevy Suburban (350 gas engine) with 450,000 miles. Lots of brake jobs couple alternators etc. but never had the trans or engine out of it. Ran 15w-40 diesel rated oil in it most of it's life. Rotella Kendall and DA Lubricants inc. were the 3 mail flavors.
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    Forklift ?

    Gonefishing may be right. I am quoting the prices at work (GM). We have near 300 forks in Lansing MI alone, all Hyster so we may get a volume discount that others do not.
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    Going to Get New Cell Phones And Need Help

    I usually buy unlocked refurbished phones off Amazon for super cheap. Usually no bloatware. Usually no signs of wear. Currently we are running 2 Moto G6s and 2 Iphone 8s that we got this way
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    Oil change interval. Tractor vs excavator

    Manufacturers also do analysis. Such as CAT SOS services or John Deere Oilscan. although they may charge a fee depending on the size of the outfit.
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    Oil change interval. Tractor vs excavator

    Way back when I was working bridge and hiway construction, we never went with the manufactures rec. Instead we utilized the free oil analysis that was provided to us by our oil supplier. Kendal, Mobil, Shell and D. A. Lubricants all supplied kits for free to commercial customers. That was a...
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    Forklift ?

    At least that has been my experience with Hyster fork trucks
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    Forklift ?

    Depending on manufacturer You should expect about $5,000 for a new battery. But there can be a big difference depending on voltage and amp hour rating.
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    JD POWER 2020 3yr Dependability ranking. The industry's improving

    Some peoples heads are going to explode when they see Buick rated above Toyota.....
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    460 Revolver

    I have 460's in both pistol and rifle on Encore frames. They can be punishing with certain loads but they are lots of fun! <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
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    FRAM Ultra XG12060 Spec Page

    I bought a six pack of them last summer from either Ebay or Amazon don"t remember which one. They are out there!
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    How to keep people from using driveway.

    my neighbor has a cable stretched across one end and signs
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    Pilot shortage.

    Look at <a href="" target="_blank">Blue line</a> You can start a career cheaper than a regular 4 year degree and make more than the typical liberal arts degrees that the colleges are pumping out these days
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    '08 Corolla noticable varnish after Castrol GTX

    You might have answered your own question, "using my own brew of half GTX 5w20 and half whatever 5w30 dino oil i had on my shelf."
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    New cell phone for beginner !!!

    You can get a Moto G6 on Amazon for about $130. Very capable and cheap. You don't need to spend a lot to get a good phone but don't get to cheap.
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    Honda Oil Filter

    no pic of the huge gap in the filter media?