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    Post Your Latest (Motorcycle) Oil Change!

    2011 FLHP miles approx 3500 Oil mixture of VR1 SYN & VR1 dino filter Wix 57148 primary Rotella T4 15w-40 changed every time with engine oil trans Mobile 1 syn 90-140 drained every other engine oil change
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    Post your current MPG

    2018 Avalon XLE 22.6 lifetime avg mpg mostly city/suburban driving Best ever was 37 highway with a tailwind :)
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    Are we beating the which oil should i use to death?

    I can tell you my 1988 FLHS has seen a whole lot of different oils in it's lifetime so far and it has 216,647 miles on it as of today :)
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    Olive Oil Questions

    I always buy California Olive Ranch just to be sure to get the real thing. Problem is, here in Chicago when I buy it at Mariano's Grocery store the bottled date is always at least 12 months old.
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    Amsoil -- What's The Difference?

    Perhaps an article from Blackstone might shine a little light on fuel dilution and carbs. "Does the fact that I couldn’t get any fuel in the oil mean that idling, city driving, and frequent...
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    Amsoil -- What's The Difference?

    The point is they include it in their reports. Why would they put in in their reports if they haven't seen it in oil samples? So obviously they think it's important.
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    Amsoil -- What's The Difference?

    So the multiple examples from various forums don't count in your mind? The all knowing Bonz says it isn't an issue. What world do you live in? If fuel dilution wasn't real why is it in every Blackstone report? Because YOUR report didn't have any fuel dilution, nobody else does? And speaking of...
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    Amsoil -- What's The Difference?

    Mantenance? Did you look at my sig? With well over 200k on my 1988 I can assure you it didn't get there by accident. Can you read or are you just wacking off on other peoples posts? I said I (meaning ME not YOU or anybody else) wouldn't use Amsoil in a carb bike like my 1988. Once again YOU use...
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    Amsoil -- What's The Difference?

    Whoa bad boy......I'm guessing you are the ace mechanic on the forum. If you think for a moment that a carb delivers as good of an air/fuel ratio as fuel injection does, I have some swamp land to sell you. If your bike is stock then it's probably ok but who leaves their bikes stock? You use...
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    Break in

    I've generally followed Harley's advice in breaking in all my new bikes. All 6 of them over the years. I take it easy and change rpm's for 500 miles. But after that, I SEAT those rings :)
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    Amsoil -- What's The Difference?

    yep that's pretty much what I meant :)
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    Keep or Sell my 2008 Crown Vic?

    Have you ever replaced the intake manifold? It's really the only weak spot on that car. On my 2003 Grand Marquis I replaced it twice. The only other problem I really had was the trans stumbled at about 40 mph. Valvoline Max Life synthetic trans fluid cured that.
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    Amsoil -- What's The Difference?

    From what I know about Amsoil for V-Twins it has a very high TBN so you can run it much longer than other oils. However IMO it depends on the bike. While it might be good for Harley's with fuel injected systems, I would never use it in a bike with a carb like my 1988. There's just too much...
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    Oster Blender

    I have an Osterizer beehive 3 speed that must be at least 15 yrs old. Does the job for me on almost a daily basis. I use it mostly for smoothies with frozen fruit and ice. I have a backup beehive 2 speed that's probably 20 yrs old. I had a KitchenAid for a year or two but just try and get...