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    Break in

    All right there, I didn't know you've worked at any type of motor vehicle dealership, that never had vehicle returned for motor or warranty problems. I guess by your logic they're new , and therefore perfect. And I guess you've never heard of a warranty claim being denied due to unapproved parts...
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    Break in

    Well, for one thing engineers usually work for a specific company. So they have to design a product that has to perform. If they didn't tell the purchaser to break their motors in easy, there's a very good chance they would be fixing alot more motors then necessary. And paying alot of dealers...
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    Motorcycle oil filters

    The only things I buy at the Harley dealer is oil filters and Harley gloss polish. The last filter I bought was about $13, and that was a shock. I've only used their filters, because I'm not a gambler with something that could wreck my motor if I choose the wrong car filter for it. When I think...
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    This is one reason why Amazon is winning

    I've had this issue for years with my local NAPA store 2 blocks from my house. They don't stock parts for anything. I've gone in there looking for spark plug wires and spark plugs, they said they don't have them in stock, but could order them. But if I go to autozone or aap, they have what I...
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    I Used to Visit BITOG Daily

    I agree with everyone. I recently posted a humorous picture of that ship that was stuck in the canal, being freed up with WD-40. And the first 6 replies were so serious I thought to myself, these guys were born without a sense of humor. If your were to just post Good morning, there would be...
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    repair info software

    I'm sure dealers have factory service programs they use. For anyone else, they will sell you a paper service manual. for alot of $$$. Alot of people don't feel aftermarket manuals are as good as the factory versions, but they have gotten me thru alot of problems in past years. I wouldn't attempt...
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    This should quiet all the doubters

    This should quiet all the doubters. You can use this stuff on anything.,,
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    BMW 6k Interval

    They must have tested a fleet of those bikes , and determined by UOA's that the oil can and will hold up to that oci. I believe Goldwings have a recommended oci of 8k miles, so there must have been some testing.,,
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    Looking inside an engine during cold start (-30C degrees)

    Well then if you were to buy a synthetic engine oil change, and a new "oversized" battery for your car, and the car lived in an tough environment like say Alaska or deep into Canada, over a 5 year period your battery would be a cheaper alternative then using synthetic oil. The extra CCA's...
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    Looking inside an engine during cold start (-30C degrees)

    Truly your not making the statement that by simply using synthetic oil, it will prevent a hard metal part from breaking ?, That would be quite the claim. And if synthetic oil pumps better than mineral oil at -22f, and the motor refuses start, does it matter?.,,,
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    Looking inside an engine during cold start (-30C degrees)

    Well, if the distributor gear was still missing teeth and not spinning the distributor and oil pump, Even with synthetic oil in it I'd bet the car still wouldn't start, and the synthetic oil wouldn't flow either.,,,
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    Motorcycle oil filters

    The only part for my bike that I get at the local Harley dealer, is the oil filter for my bike. I guess if I went for a aftermarket filter they would probably work, but if I'm not having a problem with the oem filter, why change?.,,
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    2021 F150 Police truck

    I've bought 2 Police motorcycles in my life, and they both ran great. 1 was used in Jersey city NJ, and the other was from Madison Nj I believe. The JC bike was kinda beat up. Dent's and scratches all over it, but it ran fine. The creepy thing about it was, it had what my wife and I thought was...
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    200,000 miles is in fact rare, only 1% of vehicles reach it

    You can keep a car forever if you want to keep throwing money at it. My '02 for explorer has about 240k on it and the way I look at it is. only a major motor or trans failure would make me get rid of it. A simple repair will generally cost less then a bunch of monthly car payments.,,,
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    Nope, not a nail!

    My friend once had a pair of needle nose pliers, stuck handles first in a rear tire.,,,