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    What's in the Box?

    So I purchased a new set of wheels for my bike. I am going to use the original ones for events and wanted an everyday ride. Since atomik is local to me I got a set of Atomik AM rims with onyx classic hubs and berd spokes. All I can say is wow. I am a huge onyx fan now, they are absolutely...
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    Casual Walking Shoes

    Ecco sandles and casual shoes, NB sneakers
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    Washing machine/dryer questions?

    My speed queen is for sure+10 and probably +15 yo. Had 1 small repair that was under 25 bucks a few years back.
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    I think I posted this before but this is my favorite watch I own. I have a few including a grand seiko, glashutte original and a few omega. I also have a lot of tuning fork watches. Bulova, omega and IWC. JDM citizen. Face is made of paper. Looks great in person.
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    Big Iguanas roaming around here in Florida

    Mostly south florida. South of Tampa. I see loads of them in ft Lauderdale and miami
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    2017 Ford Expy 3.5L EB 5480mi Edge 0w40 - LOTS of Fuel

    Here is a sample of my old EB I no longer have. It was a major diluter but as you see it did not really affect the wear metals. The one outlier with the aluminum was when I was towing in plus 100 degree temps and the truck was well above the GVWR, plus I was travelling at high rates of speed...
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    2017 Ford Expy 3.5L EB 5480mi Edge 0w40 - LOTS of Fuel

    I don't think premium is necessary, the EB is tuned for 87. I do use premium when I tow heavy, close to GVWR, my area is hot and the engine works hard but otherwise mine gets a steady diet of 87. With my original EB I did a small test 2 uoa on 93 and 2 on 87 and noticed no discernible...
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    2017 Ford Expy 3.5L EB 5480mi Edge 0w40 - LOTS of Fuel

    I echo cdlamb's comments I have the same engine. Personally I would not worry about the fuel at this point, especially a fuel calculation blackstone makes. If you get bad fuel 2 or 3 in a row it might be an issue. I have about 25 UOA on that engine now with 2 different trucks. Fuel dilution...
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    2016 Ford 3.5EB ~9.2K miles Delo 15w40

    No VOA was just using up old oil I had. It's mostly gone now so this truck went back to Edge 0w40. I'm not worried about this uoa or the last one really. I do need to check the air filter, it has been really dusty where it operates. Touch wood but this truck is running great but not getting...
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    2016 Ford 3.5EB ~9.2K miles Delo 15w40

    very enlightening and helpful post, I wish I had thought of that. :):unsure:
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    2016 Ford 3.5EB ~9.2K miles Delo 15w40

    Well this report is a little weird. I used some really old Delo and that might be the problem. But somewhere in the back of my brain I had issues with oxidation and Delo before. I wonder if I had a bad batch or if just really hates this engine. BTW it say's premium blue but its Delo
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    License Plates

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    Kirkland signiture heavy duty 15-40w diesel oil

    shoot. I wanted to use this in my F250 but the label only has the "meets or exceeds" language for my spec. Boo Costco and warren
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    4 of my cars use 5w30-Can I standardize?

    You should re read the thread again if you ask questions like that. Or are you just baiting? Must be weird having to get your kicks by trolling