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    Hey hey. Wearing my Credor today. From the late 90's From a time when Seiko wanted to show they still had the chops to build a high end automatic. The 6s78, which is the same movement TAG tried to pass off as their own years ago to some controversy...
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    Another cheapie from my collection. 1975 Caravelle automatic diver. It's a pretty good bang around watch
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    'New' Air Compressor Technology

    Agree no details. I take the isothermal to mean it keeps temp constant. I think if it doesn't exchange heat it would be adiabatic. I could be wrong, been a while since school 😀
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    Dash cam

    Viofo is a good one. I have the 3 ch now and I like it. I had a Garmin but it succumbed to the Florida heat and in now only records a purple square 🥴
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    Strangest Computer Behavior I've Ever Encountered

    30 years and never heard of that huh? OP can do their own due diligence or not, but dismissing the advice out of hand just because you never used it yourself is weird. I've been in computers since 1992 myself and often learn new things to this day. Admittedly I do more paperwork now than...
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    Strangest Computer Behavior I've Ever Encountered

    I linked the website. It's pretty easy to use there are instructions in the app and on the site I linked.
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    Strangest Computer Behavior I've Ever Encountered

    If it was mine I would use DDU to remove all the video drivers and then reinstall the latest driver. Most likely it is using the intel or windows driver. Get the correct one from intel for your processor. (for DDU)
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    Who lives in Tennessee? I'm moving

    The summers wont be a problem for me coming from FL. I am a little worried about the winter. It doesn't get super cold but it is something I am not used to anymore. Honestly I am looking forward to the change of seasons, having lived in FL since 1992 and its endless summer. HA. I actually...
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    Educate me about RVs

    I agree :) went through three rv's before I broke down and purchased an Airstream. Best decision I ever made wrt camping. Very expensive but they hold value fairly well. Mine is a limited edition of 100 and I occasionally get calls from the dealer with people offering close to or more than...
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    I have a soft spot for Bulova (vintage) Just got this 1977 devil diver. Quartz but I don't care :) In reality it is an accu set quartz which is a pretty cool type of movement that was not offered for very long. Here is some info
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    Starting to get into clock's. I just got this one, very nice ships clock. Manufactured in 1904 and still keeps great time. Chimes bells and it sounds great.
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    Who lives in Tennessee? I'm moving

    So this deal totally fell through. 😞 It happened right after I posted this and I was super bummed. Spent the next few weeks looking and finally found something else. I waited until I closed before posting. Still Tenn and probably more beautiful. Near the reactor 😀
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    Welp! Today got interesting!

    When I drove for a living I hated the tractor with the 18 speed. Much prefered the 10 speed. Well that's my contribution :-P
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    Thin vs Thick Discussion, Chapter 7

    Don't worry about it, really. Most of this is FUD. All my cars except the diesel get 0W-whatever and they all are doing fine. I think many others will tell you the same. As a WKM say's all the time it's approvals that matter.
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    Anyone heard from AutoMechanic?

    Hopefully he will come back. I had to take a moderator approved vacation here once. I deserved it. Got over it and came back. I think sometimes it can be tough but I appreciate the type of forum the site owner is going for. Their forum, their rules, I try and comply.