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    Gas Prices Are Going Up

    Traffic here is not back to pre pandemic, but it is getting close. I paid $2.59 this week for 87 octane.
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    Who lives in Tennessee? I'm moving

    BeerCan - need a roommate?
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    Who lives in Tennessee? I'm moving

    He sounds like a Yankee to me.
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    I miss cans

    As a kid...I was the shifting cargo. I remember bringing a sleeping bag so we could lay down the back seat in the Oldsmobile Omega and I could stretch out and sleep while dad drove thru the night.
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    image test two: only reply if phots work or not here

    I see it on my old samsung phone
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    1st oil change OEM Ford Filter

    I wouldn't cut it....take it to the Dealer and have them document it. They may want to send it off to Ford.
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    1st oil change OEM Ford Filter

    FL 500S filter ?
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    Can someone explain ownerships when it comes to soft drinks?

    Please don't give Congress any ideas........
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    Davey Crockett

    I know that he was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee and killed a bear when he was only 3.
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    Wood spider

    Guess you spider hating guys like mosquitos and silverfish
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    I can’t get a straight answer

    Does he drive it hard? Does he drive it alot? Has he ever had a UOA? Does he drive it in high altitudes? How many miles are on the car? Does the engine get to full temp at least once a week? I would change it every 5k :ROFLMAO:
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    First wash since October

    Yes that is my f150 next to it. She has only been driven about 400 miles in the last year🙈
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    First wash since October

    This my Daily driver, 60 miles every day...its been a cold wet winter...just gave her a quick wash after I got home from work because its 60 degrees out.
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    Have Parts For Cars You No Longer Have?

    I have an electric fan for our Flex...I still own the Flex but I just don't want to do the job for some reason. The part has been sitting in my garage for almost 2 years now, wife asked me recently when I'm going to fix her fan, I told her it has 2 of them and the 1 is doing just fine :p