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    As seen on Facebook Marketplace

    do NOT lowball me!
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    As seen on Facebook Marketplace

    what rubbing compound do you guys recommend to buff out a few scratches?
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    what is a cheap good floor jack?

    $39 is too much, grab this one
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    2024, 7th Gen Mustang Reveal

    I drive mine in all weather....but I got stuck (first time in my life) in the snow this past winter going up a very small grade. My F150 2wd is no better than my Mustang in the snow! :ROFLMAO:
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    Too Fast Too Furious, Way Too Expensive...

    I want to know what kind of warranty they are offering on a car that has 1400 HP.
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    Recent visitors ...

    enjoyed just scrolling along and looking at all the critters....hope I get to retire soon and buy a small place with a big window that has that much nature in the backyard.
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    NAPA - PUP $19 per 5qts after rebate

    I saw that, posted the napa deal because napa has pennzoil on a decent sale right now
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    Worst Fast Food Restaurants in America

    As the hiring manager for a company that hires A LOT of entry level employees, I can tell you that anyone that is working for "sub market" wages right now is not the kind of person you want making your food. About a year ago my son said he wanted Burger King so we rolled thru the drive thru. Guy...
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    NAPA - PUP $19 per 5qts after rebate

    WHEN YOU BUY 10 QTS OF PENNZOIL PLATINUM® Pick up 10 quarts of Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic motor oil in store or online, and you'll get a $25 gift card...
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    What are you working on today?

    I really need to find out why my Mustang feels like it has a tire out of balance...its not bad, but it is driving me crazy. Instead I am going to the mountains and going hiking for 2 days with an old friend. We are taking his Mustang 😛. Im gonna cheat and take the car to discount tire on Monday...
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    Yellow jackets

    I have never been accused of being responsible....but then again I don't use Pendimethelin, 24D, roundup, or the other cancer causing stuff that all of my neighbors use by the bucket. Please let me know what is in wasp spray, is it 100% earth safe?
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    Yellow jackets

    Fun story...(it was NOT funny at the time). Was mowing the hill next to the lake at moms lake house and ran over a nest. Took about 2 seconds until I was in a full sprint. They were everywhere, looked down at my shirt and there were 5 or 6 on the fabric latched on and just repeatedly stinging. I...
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    Yellow jackets

    $50 is pretty steep IMO. Luckily I have never dealt with Yellowjackets in the walls...they seem to prefer to make nests in the ground here. Wait until 10pm, pour about 1/10 gallon of 87 octane down the hole and walk away. Problem solved every time.
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    ISO - Valvoline NextGen or G-Oil

    Hoarder of the month award goes to..... GASBUGGY! :ROFLMAO: