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    John Deere Gator

    Thanks for the input and that would be an easy fix but it pops out of gear in forward and reverse. With 2300 hours, it's probably been jammed into gear thousands of times and I won't know for sure until I get into it but I think that 14 is the main culprit and maybe 29 & 17 will need to be...
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    John Deere Gator

    An older Gator followed me home last week on my trailer. It's a little on the crusty side and the info tag is missing so I don't even know what year it is but I suspect that it's from the late '90s. It's got a single cylinder air cooled Kawasaki engine that starts and runs great but the...
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    How are your welds?

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    R1150 GSA oil weight; winter to summer

    Be aware that the engine oil in your bike may weep onto your dry clutch via a compromised rear main engine seal. It happened to me and a new clutch is expensive. Some oils tend to weep past seals more than others. I learned that the hard way.
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    Honda GCV160 timing belt

    Update. After 5 years and approximately 250 hours since the timing belt incident, I am happy to report that my little Honda is still running as happily as ever. Our Vermont property is no longer our summer home since we retired in 2020 and is now our primary residence. I don't...
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    The "Future Custom" is here, and its called Sportster S

    Although I do have a Harley in my herd, I'm not a true blue Harley guy. I think that Harleys have their place and I like to ride them. Calling the new Sportster a hardley is telling. You have previous biases that won't let you acknowledge that it may not be a bad bike.
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    Consumer Lawn tractors with durable hydrostatic drive.

    From what I understand, the Tufftorq transmissions are generally fine but the fluid and the lack of an easy way to drain and refill is the main problem. Here's my experience from a few years back. I'm still using this mower...
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    Best Cheap Cordless Drill

    I suppose that it all depends on what you get for it.
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    Selling my Taco

    Could you lower your voice a little bit? My wife only knows about a few of the bikes in the garage.😉
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    Selling my Taco

    The dealer can't come close to the deal that I'm getting from Vroom. However, they did say that if I bought within 90 days of selling the Tacoma that I could get a tax credit equal to what I sold it for. I'm in the process of checking that out now.
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    Selling my Taco

    Unfortunately, my wife likes the hybrid. I figure that it's the same basic technology that they have successfully used in the Prius for the past couple of decades so I'll just hope for the best.
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    Selling my Taco

    Really! :D I love the Tacoma but I don't mind the Subie. It's a bit lethargic performance wise but I have a garage full of motorcycles to keep me entertained in the summer. What is irritating me now is that new cars are apparently selling at MSRP, take it or leave it. My inner used car...
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    Selling my Taco

    Maybe to you but my wife likes them.
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    Selling my Taco

    I hear ya but I have a utility trailer and I've managed with that in the past and I can do it again.