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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    Thanks for the tip. At the end of the fall season I run the tank dry. Use a stabilizer and fresh gas every three months. I should wipe the bowl down every year.
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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    A little update. Today the Honda would only run with the choke open. So I decided to pull the bowl. Mind you it’s 14 years old. There was a bunch of crud. Power foamed it and wiped it as good as I could. Shot more power foam into bowl after installing. It’s running smooth now.
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    2017 Honda Accord Sport Under Valve Cover

    Looks great. Keep doing what you’re doing.
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    Best oil filter for 10k+plus oil changes- Fram Ultra, Mobil 1, NAPA Gold?

    My Fram ultras get changed every time. About 6K on the Tacoma and 15% olm on the Pilot.
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    throttle body cleaning?

    Since my plugs get changed every 30K on my Tacoma. I clean the throttle body as well. I don’t remove it. With the truck on I wedge a pole between the gas pedal and seat to open the throttle body. I use Amsoil power foam and wipe away.
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    LubeGard Red in 6L90??

    It’s good stuff. I’ve had good luck with Maxlife and Amsoil SS blue cap atf in my Tacoma and Hondas.
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    What is going on with oil prices?

    Inflation bro…where have you been.
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    2017 4Runner 50k ATF change. Toyota WS or Maxlife?

    Take it a step further and add a filter mag to the filter. I had one on a 2002 Tacoma and it pulled a lot of clutch material.
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    Octane vs mpg again...

    93 showed no improvement in mpgs in my 15 Tacoma 4.0L. I do run redline SL1 every 5K with top tier fuel.
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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    Thanks for the replies. I did shoot some power foam in the carb and changed the plug. I also added redline SL1 to the gas. It’s running better now.
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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    Awesome thank you.
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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    Will do, thank you.
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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    I’ll try a cleaner. There is no fuel filter. The plug is a few years old and I tap clean the filter every three months. It’s a year old.
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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    Yeah this thing has been a beast. I did a few years ago. Filled the cylinder with Amsoil power foam. Let it sit over night. Pulled the cord a few times before installing the plug. I should taken after photos of the piston top. It did clean most of the carbon off.