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    Does ATF color mean anything?

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a Tacoma since 2002. Love it. At a comfort level the Honda wins. Who knows I may stick with Toyota, lol.
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    Does ATF color mean anything?

    I hope so. It’s a great engine. Ive thought about getting a Ridgeline in the near future.
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    Does ATF color mean anything?

    The sad part with it deactivated it lost 2 mpgs.
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    Does ATF color mean anything?

    So far so good. I’ve done two drain and fills. The shifts are firm but not over powering. I’ve got the same fluid in my 15 Tacoma. Same result.
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    Does ATF color mean anything?

    I wasn’t impressed with the DW1 in my wife’s 19 Pilot. At 15K the fluid was dark red. Come to find out the VCM creates havoc on the transmission causing slippage. Installed a factory cooler, used Amsoil SS blue cap atf and deactivated the VCM system. Hopefully that should take care of it.
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    Gas Prices Are Going Up

    Complain all we want. Still need to get from A to B.
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    Who has the biggest Stash? (Or 'stache)

    No stash because I can’t make up my mind.
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    I need help understanding if Redline or Amsoil is worth it.

    Did use Amsoil for a while. Switching back to off the shelf.
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    Work’s Canceled Tonight - 1st Oil Change Time on the 4Runner!

    I work for Envoy Air...little brother to AA out of DFW airport.
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    Work’s Canceled Tonight - 1st Oil Change Time on the 4Runner!

    I’m also in aircraft maintenance. 24 hour operation. No work canceled even in a rare snow storm.
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    Thoughts on 3.5 Ecoboost that pulls

    I would look into ways on keeping the coolant temps down. Maybe that engine shines at higher temps.
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    O.K. to use Mobil 1 ESP X2 0W20 in Toyota Tacoma?

    It’s a bit overkill...oh wait did I just say that. Back when I had my 2002 Tacoma 3.4L I did run Amsoil HDD 5W30 for two oil changes.
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    New ST oil coming?

    Looks like I found my next oil.
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    Help selecting oil for the 3.5L, V6 Toyota Tacoma motor?

    **** man that sucks. Toyota has awesome reliability. You should of played the lottery. I’ve had awesome luck, knock on wood with Toyota’s. I miss my old 3.4L but the 4.0L is just as good.