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    BMW F30 Broken Coolant Overflow Hose

    Avoid a tow- do it yourself . Take yor time & save shop labor
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    Oil Recommendation for 1965 Maserati Sebring (I6 w/Lucas Injection)

    15/50 or 20/50 nothing thinner- these are old engines - don't run late model thin oil
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    Cyber Crime Protection

    For a password use something like the vin# of your car- easy if you forget it, just use half of it
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    ssd vs sas???

    I have an hp workstation with 4 -15000 rpm sas drives. Boot up time is not important. Would I really notice the speed difference with an ssd?
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    Need advice. Wal Mart double gasketed the oil filter and the car lost it's oil on the road!

    Document EVEYTHING conversations with mgr etc. The engine is now junk- will they pay for a rental while this is being fixed? This is why I do my own oil changes- no double gaskets, stripped drain plugs etc. , but if I was to take it in, I would want the oil change guy to show me the old...
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    Can't get A/C compressor off!

    There is a chance that the shop has weighed the risk of damage getting it off. Broken bolts turns it into a time & material open ended job, something they may not want to do
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    Replacing underground lawn rotor sprinkler

    Depends on if the sprinkler is fed from the side or the bottom- side =digging
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    Top Fuel Track Length

    You know someone in top fuel? These engines are on full kill - combustion chambers & plug electrodes really take abuse. They aren't like a gas engine . Listen to them at the top end- not on tv, a lot of them have cylinders out
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    odd oil pressure gauge

    Car is an 83 olds 307 with factory gauges. The other day I took it out of town - steady 2000 for about 30 miles gauge indicaticated 45 psi When exiting freeway, the gauge fluttered between 30 & 55 for a few seconds then settled down to normal. In town was fine, normal readings. Oil was...
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    Top Fuel Track Length

    They likely wouldn't be going much faster- when they used 1320 the last feet had the electrodes burned off & were running like a diesel.
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    Primer? For wall that wallpaper was removed?

    the best primer is oil based - it will be a lot easier if you want to strip it later
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    Is fuel injection hose exterior rated for gasoline?

    Just bite the bullet and buy the CORRECT hose. There is a reason why they make different types of hose. Don't let the counterman talk you into something else.
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    Is fuel injection hose exterior rated for gasoline?

    use the right hose-
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    Selling car to person out of state?

    In California there is a form that you fill out releasing you from liability. It has the milage at the time of sale, (I always put 1 less mile- that way if the get in a wreck down the block after the sale, I'm covered) If you get the buyers info on it , make a copy & send it to the dmv you are...
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    C8 Daily Driver

    spec out & price one here-