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    Bedding in the brakes.

    I bed when new and try to use good braking technique whenever possible. I’ll re-bed too when I find myself on a good hill or unoccupied freeway off ramp. Brake life has been excellent. ymmv.
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    Nevada Is Clamping Down On Classic Car Registrations

    Yeah, it’s just a $25 OBD2 check annually. Bald tires, no brakes; no problem as long as it passes smog. Reno is the home of Hot August Nights so we probably have a higher percentage of true classic cars than many towns, but the classic plate abuse is really out of hand. Gotta get a pic of the...
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    Michelin Defender LTX on Honda Odyssey 28k mile check-in

    I’ve got 54k miles on my Defenders. Was planning to replace before winter but decided to try and get another year out of them. Might change my mind if we get heavy snow. Make sure you specify with Costco what type of rotation you want, it’s not always what is expected.
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    1GR-FE Favorite OIl

    You’re looking for quiet in a 1GR-FE? Well that’s not gonna happen.
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    Headlight restore w/ MOTHERS Mag + Aluminum Polish

    I tried elbow grease and it just wasnt enough to get the job done. I finally got a set of foam polishing pads from Amazon for under $25 that fit a cheap old random orbital sander. I used some cutting compound I had around. Pretty satisfied with the results but might do a second pass...
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    hd shotgun...non buckshot load for defense?

    I bought the same shotgun a month or so ago. Saw Pew Pew Tactical sorta recommend Federal #4 buckshot if you‘re worried about thin walls.
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    Got my second Shingles vaccine shot...

    I was out for a weekend after the first Zoster shingles vax and I was out for 8 days after the second. My grandmother went blind in one eye and had facial scarring from shingles. My Mom had shingles in her torso that sent her to the hospital with what they thought was a heart attack. My gf had...
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    Tipping hotel housekeeping

    We stayed at a local casino/resort here in Reno a couple weeks ago. Almost everything was comped (room charge, $40/nt “Resort Fee”, $2/nt “Tourism Fee”). The only thing that wasn’t comped was a $1.99/nt mandatory “Housekeeping Fee“.
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    Tesla taking SEMI orders

    In the reveal Musk stated 80% of truck routes are less than 250 miles. Ultimately, the idea is to charge while docked for zero additional downtime. Did you guys see the Munro vid on the Amazon/Rivian EDV? At the least, I'm interested to see what both can do.
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    Over-filled coolant reservoir

    If your res has an overflow tube then it’s not a concern. If it vents from the cap or something like that then you’ll probably need to wash off a little dried up coolant over the next few months. In my limited experience, dealer techs seem to overfill these so customers don’t come back saying...
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    What are you watching in YouTube?
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    Are you a Gambler?

    This is very accurate. I studied and then became an amateur advantage player in the late 80’s to early 2000’s when opportunities dried up. Started with $0.25 vidpoker “Full Pay Deuces Wild” and progressive JoB (Jacks or Better) that were everywhere back then. I also took advantage of blackjack...
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    Which hot dog is the best? Blind taste test

    We bought some Hebrew National from Sam’s Club awhile back and they were really disappointing. Nothing like I remember from 10-20 years ago. Nothing from the supermarket seems to be very good anymore, they’re all skinless. Why is it so hard to get dogs in a casing these days? Does Nathan’s now...
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    Troubles with my website - Strange Characters

    When I have this issue at work I need to make sure I use Unicode (UTF-8 or 16 IIRC) vs. ASCII encoding in the documents I’m uploading.
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    Music for those who grew up in 1980s Europe...

    In 1980 I was in my mid-teens and loved punk, ska, and new wave. We went to England on a family trip and I looked everywhere for the cool punk stuff I was hearing about on the Rodney on the Roq show. I wasn’t leaving until I got a pair of Doc Martens and a Harrington Jacket. Very little punk...