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    What is your "under the mattress" firearm?

    Guns scare me. I have a Social Worker on speed-dial to talk to any troubled people who might enter into our house with no doubt ambiguous consent, and a 'Gun Free Zone' sign. I'm all set.
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    The Harley-Davidson 2021 "Live" Virtual Product Launch

    It means that Harley is struggling to survive, just like the rest of the powersports industry. Since their customer base is shrinking along with revenue, they cut company sponsorship in Dragracing and Flattrack. Leaving potential sponsorship to individual dealers who might be willing or able to...
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    Tell me about your water heater....

    It turns cold water into hot water. So far so good.
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    Longest you’ve seen someone go on a set of spark plugs

    The most neglect I've seen was a T-100 with the 5VZ-FE. At 360k it had the original timing belt, and spark plugs. The FIPG sealing the water pump to the block was weeping, hence why it was in the shop.
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    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    True, bearings can usually be replaced. But it's probably not a realistic option in this case, if spraying a seized bearing with lube seems like a viable remedy. So the OP would still have to pull the pulley, or pay someone to, and then pay for someone to press the old and new bearings. Which...
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    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    If it has stopped turning, it is because the bearing is damaged beyond repair. It can't be "un-seized with spray" Not even if you buy a case of spray. Shop labor time will depend on the shop.
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    What oil for racing Yamaha "2008" R6

    Just imagine if there were some Pert Plus dumped into that water. It would be the 540RAT holy grail...
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    What is BMW smoking?

    I'm just curious. You go on and on in thread after thread about how much you hate your Toyota's. Why do you own them if you hate them so much? If I don't like a vehicle I own, I sell it...
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    Jimmies Talking Again.:)

    Nice work. Do you have a turbo for it?
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    Starting another chapter.

    Good luck in your future endeavours.
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    Bought a new F150 EB... tickets on the horizon!

    Seems like Shelby might be overestimating the power on their modded truck.
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    People born in the wrong decade

    I have a fancy one that shuts off and then opens so you can grab the tape in a high-tech fashion...
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    What is BMW smoking?

    I've owned a bunch of BMW's. We have four now. The oldest is 11 years old, and has an engine that the internet has been saying is a ticking time bomb, almost for as long as we've owned it. IF it starts to nickle and dime us, I'll be sure to mention it. I'm also a former master tech. I have the...
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    What is BMW smoking?

    He sounds like a parts changer in over his head.
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    2021 Ford Bronco Sport

    Man, all these dangerous SUV's. I'd better stick to my safe sportbikes...