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    NHRA Pro Stock Bearings

    Why not? Furthermore, you're basing your assumptions on a single known run, without knowing all that's involved. It's a moot point anyway, unless the hand-wringers retire.
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    Shannow MIA

    Glad to hear things are going well.
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    NHRA Pro Stock Bearings

    Some of us do.
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    NHRA Pro Stock Bearings

    I'd like nothing more than for the current restrictions to end, and racing return to the full 1320. They've slowed the cars down drastically from what they are capable of. There are too many hand-wringers calling the shots. I say remove the restrictions on the cars, and improve the tracks with...
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    Treadwright - 235/80R17 - Winter Kedge

    Former master tech. I'm only referring to ones I've personally seen, or ones my mechanic friends have seen. All were properly inflated. None had blowouts due to foreign objects. Just an old casing that had new rubber applied over it, and the mystery casing failed. Unlike large truck tires...
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    Nevada Hwy 160 and new speed record

    Some more info to add to the controversy.
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    NHRA Pro Stock Bearings

    Surely you jest.
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    New Cars and Financial Ineptitude

    Someone is draining my account now. I can't wait to get my new truck!!!! 🥳
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    New Cars and Financial Ineptitude

    I tried to send the $800, but there was some sort of issue. So I just sent my account details, and asked them to just take out the appropriate amount. I'm so excited to get my shiny new truck!!! 🤩
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    Fully loaded pickup - @ payload rating

    Some manufacturers allow for a full tank of fuel, and a 150 lb driver. Any additional weight subtracts from the rated payload capacity. Your owners manual will specify.
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    Treadwright - 235/80R17 - Winter Kedge

    Well, I wish you luck. Covering an old, worn casing of indeterminate age and condition (that was never intended to retreaded) in new rubber, doesn't give you a new tire. I've known of several cases of these blowing with no warning, and disastrous results. I might consider them for low-speed...
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    New Cars and Financial Ineptitude

    Not everyone of retirement age who is still working, is doing so because they want to, or planned poorly. I have a second cousin who is in her mid 70's. She would love to retire. She and her husband had planned well to be able to do so. Then he had a stroke. He was in a care facility for over...
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    New car still has vibration

    You also need a Tech that KNOWS how to use the machine to it's full capability, and is willing to do so. That can be hard to find.
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    School me on fork oil

    Of our sportbikes that have had the fork oil changed, one that I've raced had it's spring rate and damping adjusted specifically for me, and the use it has been subjected to. The other was using better internals, and just optimizing the suspension for better but more general all-around...
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    OMG, I love it...

    It makes me glad that the roads I ride aren't as overrun as Mulholland.