Disclaimer: First of all you are probably wondering why this test needs a disclaimer. Well a few very loud individuals have proposed that this test is invalid as all variables are not controlled for example the weather or the daily pollen count in the atmosphere. This is not a laboratory test, but a real world test. What can be controlled is controlled and what cannot be controlled is left to nature. If you insist that I perform laboratory testing, or simultaneous testing of all filters on identical vehicles, then please provide funding to back up your claim. I do not have that sort of funding, nor will I ever. I will be happy to provide my collection of air filters to the test laboratory of my choice and post the results given adequate funding. I know the limitations of the experiment, and it is still a valid experiment no matter what some may think. No one has offered any physical proof to the contrary other than their educated opinion. While that is good and well, it is totally lacking in substance. This experiment is all about substance. I know what the results are, how they were obtained, and I stand behind them 100% until someone steps forward with actual proof to the contrary. Words and pure conjecture do not negate the results. Only actual evidence can negate the results. Please do not use the e-mail link on this page to rehash this issue for the umpteenth time unless of course you have funding to facilitate further experimentation. If you do not like the results because you favor one filter over the other, and the results go counter to your filter of choice, that is a personal problem. It is not a problem with the experiment. I do not want any more hate mail regarding your personal problems. Do your own test that shows this test is incorrect, or please fund further testing.

If you represent one of the manufacturers for the filters tested, feel free to write if you like. I stand behind the test results no matter what you say. And again, I will be happy to provide your filter (that I was donated or purchased by a private party from a commercial vendor) to the testing company of my choice if you fund the experiment. I cannot conduct further testing using SAE standards as I do not have the facilities. I will not succumb to the data provided by manufacturers as I think most of their claims are made in the name of sales and good advertising. I have read the websites and claims of every filter used in this test. I don’t buy into the propaganda. The results of the test do not support the claims made by manufacturers. That is why I insist that I provide the filters to the research lab of my choice if anyone is brave enough to fund an SAE standard experiment.