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#4540206 - 10/11/17 01:11 PM Re: Moving deals/discounts? Uhaul, Penske...? [Re: ArrestMeRedZ]
Dumc87 Offline

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Originally Posted By: ArrestMeRedZ
Originally Posted By: Dumc87
Originally Posted By: ArrestMeRedZ
Have you noticed that every time you see a broken down moving truck by the side of the road it is a U-Haul?
I have personally had good luck with Penske and would gladly pay more if it did cost more.

Not knocking Penske, but I do see a significantly more UHaul trucks out and about than I do Penske trucks.

I agree completely, but all of the broken down ones seem to be U-Haul. I did read an article once that stated U-Haul kept trucks in service much longer than the other majors, which may explain it.
Of course with only a 30 mile trip it probably doesn't matter.
On my last short move I did find Budget to be very competitive with a moderately sized diesel van that had a lift gate.

I wish I had more buddies with trucks! Darn rising gas prices ... Lol
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#4540581 - 10/11/17 07:49 PM Re: Moving deals/discounts? Uhaul, Penske...? [Re: Dumc87]
JustinH Offline

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Budget truck rental coupons are all over the internet.

Used them once, no problems and a somewhat new truck.

Second time we used Uhaul because they were directly next to my old apartment, got a well worn truck and paid more.
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#4541227 - 10/12/17 01:54 PM Re: Moving deals/discounts? Uhaul, Penske...? [Re: Dumc87]
Dumc87 Offline

Registered: 06/05/10
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Loc: Florida
Well so far, looks like the cargo van option from Home Depot could work! $19.00 for 75 minutes, $5 for every 15 minutes thereafter. The trip in itself is about 45 minutes, so as long as I can load/unload in 30 mins, I should make out just fine.

The G20, Matrix and the Jeep might be able to handle all the small things (Blink 182! ha!) so I only need a van/truck for the 3 or 4 big things

Edited by Dumc87 (10/12/17 02:07 PM)
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#4542607 - 10/13/17 08:39 PM Re: Moving deals/discounts? Uhaul, Penske...? [Re: Dumc87]
99Saturn Offline

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Call a Penske regional office, not just a shop or location that also happens to do rentals, has to be a regional office. Tell them you are shopping around for rates, just want to get a few things moved would need a truck x size and might just rent a cargo van from Home Depot depending on the price. Assuming you don't like the quote they give you, ask them how low they can go if you pick up the smallest truck they have when they close and drop it off the next morning at or before they open. Be insistent it will only be in your possession when the location is closed, and will be back by open. If you still don't like the price, say thanks and wait for them to call you back, then repeat. It's worth a shot. Note this is less likely to work at the end of the month.

FWIW, the Penske rates used to be a day, or you could rent for X hours, 4 hours = 1 day.

#4542615 - 10/13/17 08:51 PM Re: Moving deals/discounts? Uhaul, Penske...? [Re: JamesBond]
eljefino Offline

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Originally Posted By: JamesBond
A word of caution. When I was looking for a moving truck Budget was the cheapest so I "booked" online. On moving day I had time off, people to help and Budget called me that morning to tell me that they didn't have a truck for me, I called every other Budget location in the metro area, and no one had a truck despite them being available online. I ended up renting one in my destination city since there was going to be an empty trip either way but I was not happy.

Wife had this happen with Uhaul back in 2002. Back then the affiliates could scam Uhaul by renting locally for cash without "putting it through". So I showed up looking for my reservation but it was "out". I guess you could try seeing if they still do this. laugh

OP might see if his new storage place has a connection for a truck.

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