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#1811156 - 03/10/10 06:55 AM Re: Cheat sheet for newbies reading UOA's [Re: TucsonDon]
widman Offline

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Loc: Bolivia
Boron is basically an anti-oxidant Has some anti-wear in different cases. You won't see a decent group I oil without it, but it can often be left out of group II, group III, or traditional synthetics.

Here is one of the most complete wear metals charts I've seen in a while
Wear Metals guide in PDF
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#1852888 - 04/11/10 07:42 AM Re: Cheat sheet for newbies reading UOA's [Re: widman]
CourierDriver Offline

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I like the report, Im gonna get a degree in chemistry someday. Im glad someone out there knows how to make all those elements stay together for 500k miles. Me, I just want it to run right, bottom line. amen
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#1853472 - 04/11/10 05:38 PM Re: Cheat sheet for newbies reading UOA's [Re: CourierDriver]
Steve S Offline

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Why do people post I want the best for my car,,, When there isn't anything that is the best on the car to begin with.

#1897854 - 05/20/10 06:07 PM Re: Cheat sheet for newbies reading UOA's [Re: Steve S]
widman Offline

Registered: 05/27/02
Posts: 3267
Loc: Bolivia
One more thing. A lot more engines are being assembled these days with Moly rings. Ring wear will show up as or with the moly that might be used as an antiwear/antioxidant.

Condemnation limits vary per engine and engine construction. Those that are published (CAT, Cummins, Detroit, etc.) are extremely high and not close to what is obtainable.
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#2333676 - 07/31/11 10:06 PM Re: Cheat sheet for newbies reading UOA's [Re: Bambam]
sm00thpapa Offline

Registered: 07/09/11
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This is not bad but what about what the numbers mean? I mean is a high number or low number better for each category?
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#2389160 - 09/27/11 07:42 AM Re: Cheat sheet for newbies reading UOA's [Re: TucsonDon]
mongo161 Offline

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Originally Posted By: TucsonDon
I think Boron is becoming part of the additive pack of some oils ... Rotella CJ-4 comes to mind as having increased the Boron.

+1 After looking at some VOA results on different oils, PCMO and Diesel, BORON is becoming more of an additive in Synthetic and Dino oils.
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#2658196 - 06/19/12 12:34 AM Re: Cheat sheet for newbies reading UOA's [Re: Bambam]
ARHND Offline

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Loc: Honduras
How about the different tolerances of each equipment. All factories have their own, so, to be sure of each UOA you should also know the different allowances or minimuns.

#2757895 - 09/29/12 08:48 AM Re: Cheat sheet for newbies reading UOA's [Re: RWEST]
skyship Offline

Registered: 06/09/12
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Originally Posted By: RWEST
So, to help out an oil-dork, what should the numbers be for a multi-vis, say, RTS 5-40? confused

Blackstones will give averages for most engine types for you to compare results to. For a 1.9 TD I would not be too concerned until the Iron was over 50 ppm, Aluminium over 10, Chrome or Lead over 5 and Silicon from the air filter over 20.

The 5W/40 figures for a UOA are as follows:
SUS Vis at 210F: 66 - 78
cSt Vis at 100C: 11.9 - 15.3
Flash in F: > 410
Fuel % < 2
Antifreeze: 0
Water% < 0.1
Insolubles: < 0.8
TBN: > 1 (Normal) >3 (Severe service)

The trend is as important as the actual figures for wear metals, as every engine is subject to different use and to complicate matters you might have a temporary particle streak occur and rebuilt or new engines produce different figures.

The car should be driven at normal speeds for half an hour plus before draining the oil and the sample taken mid stream into a clean container.

Edited by skyship (09/29/12 08:58 AM)

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