ZZ4 Oil

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Dec 27, 2003
Guys, My ZZ4 is on its way over to this side of the pond from the U.S. Its been modified with a HotCam and Holley Stealth Ram set up with Commander 950 engine management. Salle Chevrolet have dynod it and run it in and it produced a max HP of 422 and over 400lbs/ft torque. I dont want to put synthetic in it as in my humble opinion its a bit thin for the tolerance that these "older style"engines are built.Ive had a couple of experiences with Mobil 1 in a new TVR that sounded like a rattling bag of spanners.Replaced it with a good quality mineral oil and all was quiet. Likewise a mate of mine has an LT1 vette that he runs on Mobil 1 which to me sounds very tappy even though theres only 30,000miles on the clock. Do you all think that a good quality 10/30 changed every 3000 miles will do the trick? thanks PM
A good 10w30 dino will probably be fine. A 15w40 might be a viable alternative as well. There is nothing wrong with synthetics in Gen 1 SBC's. I have ran synthetics in them for years with no problems.
I know that GM PErformance Parts does not recomend anything thiner then a 40Wt in their long blocks! You might want to reconsider the 10W30 choice? I am sure you can get a good mineral 5W40 or 10W40 int he UK. Might be worth looking into!
If you do not want to run a full synthetic perhaps you might want to run one of the Shaeffer's Supreme 7000 blends. You get the protection of a synthetic at a dino price.
He is in th UK. He has access to some premium oils!!! What price does Motul fetch over their? I am figureing it is reasonable due tot he French connection!
JB has a point........but I would imagine that part of that recommendation, is that GM has a warranty on the engine, and they have no idea what application the engine will be used in, and no idea about the cooling systems specs on your vehicle, and the ambient temp.
we can get all the oils you talk of except Schaeffer. Although the motor is GM one.i have imported it myself from the US so there wont be a warranty. As far as temperature goes,we dont get severe high or low temp. There arent many days where the temp is below freezing and likewise or highest is mid 80s. I dont take it out in the winter anyhow PM
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