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Sep 25, 2008
central ga
My wife is getting tired of her 6-7 year old Galaxy phone.She is looking at getting another phone.Right now the Blade Max is the top choice in our price range (less than 150 bucks).I have had a ZTE sonata 3 for the last few years and was happy with it.It seemed to be a well constructed phone so we are hoping that the Blade will be too.We have read lots of reviews and the bad reviews seem to be related to a bad software bug that has had an update released to fix that. So we want to hear from someone who actually owns one or has experience with one.I told my wife the folks here on bitog would likely have some info. thanks in advance folks.
My wife and I love our Blade X Max phones. We upgraded to it because of it's 32GB of RAM, 2.0 GB of ROM and 1.4Ghz Octa-core processor (yes, 8-cores). The Bonus that we really liked after we got it is how fast it charges on it's Type-C USB charging cord. oh and having a finger-print sensor is so cool and convenient, I don't know how I got along without it before. But the one thing that made me go for it was the fact that when you stick in a micro SD-card (up to 128GB), it asks if you want to format it as internal memory. Both of our phones now have 160GB (32 internal + 128 SD card) of internal memory per the "settings" screen. thumbsup A few things I'm annoyed (but not frustrated) by is: 1. The Wi-Fi at work needs to be manually reset for the "I agree" screen to pop up in order to connect to the internet every single time. 2. The 6.0-inch screen is a bit big, making it difficult to operate with one hand though I've never turned on it's "one-handed operation" function, yet. 3. The camera could be better for a phone of this capacity but much better than what I've had on past phones. 4. the battery is not removable. If the battery ever dies, you can't just replace the battery, you'll have to get a new phone. One time, my phone wouldn't turn on (never happened to the wife's phone). It was within 2 weeks of purchasing it. After work, I was gonna take it to the Cricket store (where I bought it) and see if they could fix it but I decided to try to turn it on again and guess what? It turned on and worked just fine. Been working fine since. I told the Cricket saleswoman about it and she said that some apps do that to a phone, so maybe it's not the phone's fault after all. All-in-all, we really enjoy and love the phone, the best one I've ever used, to date and for <150 USD, it's a no-brainer. We've had the phone since Sept 2016 so we're still learning new, cool things about it.
I got lucky.Cricket is closed on New Years Day!!!!SWMBO will have to spend my money later in the week.
After owning this phone, I'm a ZTE fan now. For the price, it's much better than the latest iphone or Samsung. I think she will enjoy it and that you'll want one too. That's my prediction! Enjoy!
I ended up getting this phone and a hard case for my wife and she is very happy with it.Her only complaint with the phone is that it will not sync up to her fitbit.(the HORROR of it all!!)The other draw back I see is at this point is a lack of aftermarket armor for it.That will probably resolve it self in the coming months.
Just talked with the wife and this a.m. when she got to work the phone synced up to her fitbit on it's own.Go figure, confused
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