Zero sludge in my 95 V6 Camry

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Aug 6, 2003
Love this group, learned alot lately but the threads on Toyota V6 sludge monsters had me worried. [Confused] Yes I know the 95 engines don't fall under the label as sludge producers but I had to check and wondered how much they actually changed the engine in 97. [I dont know] The car has run Mobil one 5W30 since 3000 miles and now has 110,000 miles. I changed the oil and filter every 3-5000 miles. Opened the valve cover and saw absolutely no sludge and no varnish! I was a little surprised how clean it was! Buttoned it back up and was very happy. [Happy] Nice engine in this car, runs perfectly smooth and pretty fast! If anyone wants to host a picture or two of the inside of this engine, let me know, I took a couple of digitals.
Congratulations on the results of your "investigation." I know it had to be a relief to find everything so clean. It fits what I expect from an oil the quality of M1. I wouldn't change anything you are doing. There is a point to be made that, given your results, you COULD try longer intervals, but if what you are doing is working, and you are happy with your "cost to benefit ratio," why mess with it? Again, congratulations! [Smile] [ September 09, 2003, 06:27 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
Originally posted by aircooled: If anyone wants to host a picture or two of the inside of this engine, let me know, I took a couple of digitals.
Just email 'em to me [Smile]
aircooled, If I were you, I would be incredibly pleased with this...these pix are fantastic!!!
Looks good! [Cheers!] What motor is it? Daily Drives -2003 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner XtraCab, Impulse Red, Peppy 2.7 Liter 4 Banger, Running Mobil1 Synthetics SS 5W-30. ODO 4700 Miles. -1995 Toyota 4-Runner, Evergreen, 3.0 V6, Running Mobil1 Synthetic SS 10W-30. ODO 81700 Miles. [ September 09, 2003, 10:14 PM: Message edited by: Amkeer ]
Hmmm...gear drive cams? Or is one cam being gear driven off the other, which is either being driven by belt or chain?
95 Camry 3.0 liter V6 IMZ (188hp) If you look at the first photo, you can see one cam is longer. (Same for the other side.) This is driven off a belt. (replaced at 90,000) The car has never seen a garage and is driven on backroads by the wife to work everyday, about 32 miles round trip. Never used any oil additives and I throw a bottle of Techron in the gas maybe twice a year. My third Toyota and has performed flawelessly. Other Toyotas: 87 Corrola FX16 GTS 1.8 Twin Cam. Little screamer of an engine, body rusted out, drivetrain perfect. 160,000 miles (donated to charity) 93 Toyota pickup truck. 4 cylinder 5 speed Still have this as my workhorse. 119,000 miles and going strong. Runs 100% synthetic in everything. 01 Audi S4. 2.7 Twin turbo. WOW, some car! M1 0-30 winter, 0-40 summer. These turbo Audis need thin oil to feed the turbos. Thick oil won't pump as fast and starves them and they die a noisy death. With two of them and a $7000 bill to replace them both, I'm not skimping on the oil!
Worn? They look like new! No pitting, no discoloration. Or was this a hypothetical question? (yes I did look....closely)
aircooled/Amkeer, At first I took the question to be in the vein of, "Yeah, your engine is clean but look at those cam lobes." The more I thought about it, it appeared what he was asking was, "Did you check them out for wear to complete the picture--clean and with reduced wear." Maybe Drew will re-post and clear this up for us.
I wasn't stating they look worn, it was just hard to see closely what they looked like. From the pics, it does look like new, but pictures are hard to see in detail on the web.
Typical Toyota that has been serviced well. I did not see any odd wear. Some might not reliase(sp) that the entire cam lobe does not make contact with the rest of the valve train just the center portion. This polishes the centers while the outer edge stay unpolished and in some cases even picks up varnish. This contrast is what I thin Drew99GT is talking about?
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