ZDDP levels and Mobil 1

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May 31, 2004
I know this has probablly been touched a few times, but, what are the ZDDP level differences between M1, Amsoil, supertech, Castrol, ect? How does this effect extended oil drains? I was recently told by my friends father that BMW now has 15k recommended oil changes in some of there cars, and they run on M1. It got me thinking as to how safe this can be, I have never run my m1 over 10000 miles, but would if i could. Thanks.
The only Mobil 1 Viscosity that meets BMW LL-01 is the 0W-40.

BMW Cars generally have larger oil capacity than most Japanese and American cars. Some hold as much as 12 QT.

That said the European Ford Focus 2.OL Zetec with a 4.5 QT Capacity has a 12,500 mi OCI with oils such as Castrol SLX 0W-30 (German Castrol Syntec).

Whether you can run extended drains with your vehicle, application, and oil is what a UOA is for.

ZDDP is the primary anti-wear agent in an oil. It is not directly related to extended drains or how long an oil will last.

TBN and TBN retention the major factor in how long an oil can be run.

Every engine is different in how hard or easy it is on oil. BMW might be ok with the 15K interval with factory spec. filters, but another engine might beat the same oil to crap in 7K.

Look at ACEA B5 or B3 type rating to see if an oil is suitable for possible extended drains. Unless ACEA A5/B5 or A3/B3, I wouldn't even try. Also, look at TBN.
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