Yup MC is gone

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Oct 6, 2004
Besides a few orphan MC filters all the MC oils and filters I use are gone gone from the WalMart shelves. I bought Castrol 5W-30 instead - I know it's a good oil, used it for years, but my 95 Crown Vic sure seemed to like that MC 5W-30 blend.
Any of you TX folks know who may still carry MC oils and filters? Autozone/PepBoys/O'Reilly/etc?

Its possible that a few Ford dealers might carry Motorcraft branded merchandise for awhile.

I know of at least one that smiled when told that Wal-Mart wasnt going to carry it anymore.


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The local Autozone stores have as much Motorcraft merchandise as any of the local Walmarts ever carried. The price is just higher. If you want Motorcraft it won't be hard to find.

I doubt it will ever become a dealer only brand. They know the volume would be minimal if they went that way...

Originally posted by Bugshu:
I know of at least one that smiled when told that Wal-Mart wasnt going to carry it anymore.

Under the delusion that someone who was buying their Motorcraft supplies at Wal-Mart would actually go to the dealer for it instead?
I think the reason Wally World no longer carries M/C is that they try to tell a vendor what they will pay for products. And if vendor does not do it they will buy from someone else.They always want to sell the cheapest items. And I do not think the ford dealers had any say so in pulling M/C from Wally World. They dropped Rubbermaid for a couple years. But they now carry this brand.
As Johnny has said, this came from dealer pressure on Motorcraft to stop supplying Wally. Currently Advance Auto has put in a complete MC line and our PZ quick lubes stock the oil. Who knows if the dealers will try to and be successful in making these "dealer only" items.

It's a shame. Our Wally just got rid of Motorcraft and Chevron and expanded the orange wall.
Thanks to all for your help and replies. To be honest, if there is some $$ increase to get the MC oil/filter from another source, that's OK - it's my labor to do the oil changes, so the only additional cost is for the materials.

I'm grateful to have this site to find alternatives to my "preferred" brands of oil/additives/etc. though. I'm actually now looking at label designations, comparing base stock info, etc - certainly only a novice at oil formulations, but this place is great for making an informed choice. I appreciate your help.
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