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1986. Navy Aviation Officer Candidate School. The three topics to be avoided in a polite dinner conversation: sex, politics, religion. The rules for polite conversation have been around for a long while and with good reason....
Soon if the YouTube links are NOT embedded the post will be removed. I've been going in and doing that for you folks but after the first few THOUSAND its not going to happen much more. Please follow the instructions above on how to embed them. Thanks, bill
But this is an old new, isnt it. I have always known that youtube doesnt allow those kind of videos.
I agree completely with Helen about not allowing sex, religion, or politics here. There was a time in the past when discussions about those thigns were allowed. And some of those discussions turned unbelieveably dark and evil. Especailly talk about religion. I was shocked by some of the pure hatred that was expressed in some posts.
Hi Helen,
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Posting a youtube video that has profanity or sexual content will result in you being banned. There is no Sex, Religion or Politics allowed. This is a family website and I will not allow profanity. Helen
I just want to thank you and say how much i appreciate you moderating this site. This place has been a huge help to me for years. Also, I have 5 years experience Administering a foriegn based "UBB threads" forum. (and, like yourself, i've had help from "" tech support -- wonderful guy whom i can't say enough good things about) It often is "the thankless job," as they say. [Furthermore, i ought remember to be mindful that this is way way different than the honda forum which can be non stop flame wars, soft porn and "potty mouth" talk.] best regards,
Hi folks, Firt off, i'll thank Helen again. I totally appreciate her trying set some guidlines for the benefit of the entire forum. (i also mod a forum) As the guidelines will NEVER be perfect for all members.
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What's wrong with politics; is discussion of politics anti-family by nature?
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Politics is not anti-family in my opinion but man....I have seen some pretty good arguments between my sister-in-law and her husband....both at opposite ends of the political spectrum! My wife and I happily see eye to eye on politics!
I totally appreciate what both of you are saying. And i myself have learned soooo much from folks disagreeing on my own forum -- folks disagreeing respectfully -- attacking an argument not the poster -- the ball and NOT the player. But, to my frustration, there are those who talk nonsense. And then resort to insults instead of defending their statements. Hence the knuckleheads will overshadow the decent folks. And we can't be calling the site owner in every 5 minutes to babysit. So, while i appreciate what both of you are saying, i'm going to both support and respect whatever method the site's owner uses to handle such issues. forgive the longwindedness, regards S
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It's not a question of 'what's wrong with politics', more of a 'this is Helen's house so Helen's rules'.
Agreed. "And if you are dissatisfied or unhappy in any way we will gladly refund your membership dues in full!" (that's often what i'd like to tell folks on the forum i mod at.) regards
I wish they'd give me the authority to shut down the knuckleheads at the site I mod at, it's a sports site but the political discussions sometimes overshadow everything. *sigh*
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What about a Chick-Fil-A commercial or should I say protest?
Chick-Fil-A is not a BITOG sponsor, so you may be banned for posting links to non-advertizers. smile
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It is just my opinion that you guys/gals don't know what fun is... That is all. Carry on.
I posted a WM video once and was given a vacation for a few days. It had background music with no words. There was no nudity, sex, politics, or religion in the video. Just a bunch of goofy people that shop at WM. My guess is the music was not proper, or one of the MOD's saw a family member in it and was offended.. shrug But, I respect the rules here and am proud to be a member here. Keep up the good work BITOG! thumbsup
BOF: I'm guessing it wasn't embedded properly. The problem with non-embedded videos is that people who comment on videos swear about everything, and BITOG has the no swearing rule, yet cannot control swearing on a video hosting site.
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BOF: I'm guessing it wasn't embedded properly. The problem with non-embedded videos is that people who comment on videos swear about everything, and BITOG has the no swearing rule, yet cannot control swearing on a video hosting site.
There was no talking at all on the video, all music........and goofy WM shoppers.
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No, I mean on the comments section of the Youtube page. People on Youtube comments pages will swear about anything. wink
Oh yeah. I never thought about that. hide
Wondering what's going on over there lately? For the last several weeks there were people doing 24/7 live feeds of popular animation series. Those seemed to disappear, then reappear with zoomed in visuals, presumably to foil automated copyright infringement algorithms. I wonder why those suddenly came in; are they offering money incentives for live content? Next, a trainer mechanic makes a video saying all the premium channels are getting killed off officially by Aug 1 but he's been given until the end of the month to get his members off of YT and onto his own website. He claims there's nothing on the web covering this. Last, a live video South Main Auto Channel did yesterday is gone today, along with almost all the live feeds. I only saw one live feed (legal content, a long-time study group for CompTIA cerfifications). Seems a rather sleepy place has suddenly become volatile. Did someone decide YT is strategic? Am I reading too much into this?
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