Youtube from Canada on Locksmith ripoffs


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
Interesting video. Fully supports why it is often so much better to educate yourself and do the work yourself. Shame so many so called professional trades are like this. I have been burned by multiple plumbers, and huge by a roofer. I do everything myself if I can- even it appears to be more expensive doing it myself.
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I found a trusted locksmith and he has key machines that are brought to spec every 6 months. And I have brought him a few locks to re-key or make a few locks the same key and he charges $15 or $20.
When I had my custom home built, I had locks modified so they are supposedly bump and pick proof. The locksmith warned not to insert a wrong key or the lock would require being drilled out.
The show up fee is pricey outside bizl hours. I am surprised anyone would do it for $80 unless really close. The $80 seemed too cheap at night while the $450 steep. Somewhere in the middle is what I'd expect.
You can find a lousy specialist in any field. Perhaps you were just unlucky with the choice of an employee who spoiled your equipment. Every locksmith should have updated key machines that will be checked. My friend's plumbers replace lock cylinders replace combination locks. Try to look at your failures from a different perspective. What if you just wanted to save money and called those who take little money and do everything poorly? I have contacted the company on many issues for many years, and I didn't have any problems.
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