Your High Milage Vehicle

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Oct 19, 2003
san jose
obviously anyone who visits this website concerns about maitaining their cars, and i think some are pretty much nutty, crazy and going to the extreme about it.

so i'm curious what kind of milage are you achieving in your highest mile vehicle.

please list the following:

- car manufacture/model/engine size
- mile
- brand of oil and grade
- oil filter
- oil change interval
- driving style

me, acura 99 rl 3.5l. 26k, 10w-30 mobile 1, pure one oil filter; change oil every 5k, and 70% of freeway milage. i'm planning to keep this car for a long time, 200k+ hopefully. i'm also switching to chevron 10w-30 dino oil on the next interval. i'm very impress with chevron uoa.

I had a 1989 Chrysler 5th Ave. I drove 300,000 miles before selling in 1998. 318 V-8, mostly highway driving, 3000 mile oil changes,Fram oil filters, Wolf's Head super duty 10w-30 oil for the first 125,000 miles then Castrol GTX 10w-30 until selling.
also VW Golf 150bhp 1.9 TDI Castrol gtd magnetec oil, service and oil filter change every 15k miles motorway 70-80 mph and local roads speeds between 30- and 60 mph
Mine's not super high mileage yet, but I do plan on getting at least 200k out of it before I get a C5 Corvette next. I don't want it's engine to wear out before this happens. If it takes me longer to get my C5 than my current plan (which right now looks like 5yrs away), I'm going to try for 250k on this engine with no rebuild.

Here are my stats:

1995 Firebird Formula, 350LT1 engine (with about 290hp)
94,000 miles
Now running GC 0w30
K&N oil filter
AC Delco air filter
I will be doing 10,000km intervals (6.2k)
My driving style is very agressive, lots of full throttle and monthly trips to the dragstrip
I've got 150,000 km on my 97 Ranger pickup, all dirt roads, 6,000 km changes, Chevron Supreme 5W-30, no consumption.
Also 190,000 on a Brazilian built 97 Toyota 4x4 pickup, 3.6 diesel engine, all dirt roads, 3 to 7 drums of oil in the back most of the time. Group I 20W-50 oil with 6,000 km changes. no consumption.
Also 200,ooo km on a 95 4Runner 2.8 Diesel, but the river took it downstream a few years ago, so it was rebuilt at 97,000 when it game out of the river.
Just got rid of my 75 olds 325,000 miles castrol GTX every 3000 miles or 3 months.91 lunina ,160,000 miles 3000 mile oil changes, GTX.94 suburban 60,000 miles gtx every 3000 milws.Have just changed to Mobil 1.99 silverado 15,000 miles GTX every 3000 or 3 to 4 months.Just changed to Mobil 1.All AC filters.Just got grannys car 88 caprice with 70,000 miles on it now,varius oil,trying to clean up engine,never seen 70 MPH till now.
We have a 92 Grand Marq. 4.6 v8 with 241,000 miles. Never missed a 3,000 mile oil change since it was bought new. Always used Castrol 10W30 and Motorcraft filter. At around 175,000 miles it started using a qt between changes and switched to 20W50 with no consumption or leaks. Also have a 95 Toyota 22RE 4x4 with 135,000 miles. I use Castrol 10W40 High Mileage oil with OEM Denso filter. I was using a qt around 1,200 miles with Castrol 10W30. The High Mileage oil seems to have done the trick. Now using 1/2 qt in a 3,000 mile run. Rando
- Volvo/245/2.1L turbo with upgrades
- 240,500 MILES
- Amsoil 15W-40
- 2 x FL-1A's on a standard dual remote (not ByPass)
- 5-10K
- like God himself anointed my rear end (back side)

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- 1993 Toyota 4x4 pickup, xtra cab, V6 (3VZE)
- 192,000 miles (~308K km)
- mostly Mobil 1, varying weights
- varying, mostly toyota and purolator premium
- 5-10K miles
- tens of thousands of miles of dusty gravel; 6 y of really cold starts (< -40 deg) north of 60th parallel. Other than this, not too hard on it.

Still runs great. Engine never opened for major work, just timing belts and valve adjustments.


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1980 Triumph Spitfire - 1500cc
32,000 km (origional - one owner)
first 15 years = Castrol GTX 20W-50
last 13 years Canadian Tire Synthetic 5W-50
Crossland oil filter
oil changed annually every 500 to 2000 km
Although seldom driven, this car enjoyed but not abused -- seldom sees 6000rpm as torque drops off significantly above 5000rpm.

This car is very very factory origional right down to still having some factory air left in the origional tires.

The inside of the engine is very clean with no signs of any oil staining except for a slight amount on the underside of the piston crowns.

I will be keeping this car forever (however long that will be????).

1988 Toyota Camry 2.0L cylinder automatic

- 299,900 miles
- Pennzoil 5W30/10W30 mix
- Changed oil every 3-4,000 miles
- Usually Toyota OEM; sometimes Purolator filter
- Automatic trans fluid/differential drained & refilled every 30,000 miles (never power flushed)
- Recently sold to brother-in-law who drives it daily
- Multiple timing belts, brakes, tires; but original engine & transmission
I have purchased used Three 1986-89 Cadillac Broughams (RWD,5.0 V8) with around 70,000 miles, drive them to about 170,000 when they started burning oil, and traded.

I live accross the river from Fargo, ND and we get lots of -10 to -30F nights. I did engine plug, but only for easy starts, not to save the engine. All my driving is highway.

Pennz 5W30 Winter, 10W30 Spring thru Fall
Fram Orange filters
Changed every 3,000 miles

Thanks to the nutty guys on Bob's I will be doing as follows;

Winter: Quaker State Winter Blend 5W30 or Mobil 1 0W30 or Pennz Long Life 0W30 blend if I can get it in Canada
Spring thru Fall Pennz Long Life 15W30
any oil filter but Fram
change every 3,000 miles
and always plug the engine heater when colder than -5 F

Being a "oil nut" can be nutty and fun, but what an easy way to save money and resourses.

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99 VW Passat 1.8T Tiptronic
109,000 mi.
Valvoline SynPower 5W 40
OEM Filter
Between 7-9500 miles. (Blackstone said TBN was about depleted at 8100 mi.)
75% highway/25% city. Moderate to hard driving. It also has an aftermarket tuning chip since new from Wetterauer that bumped up the hp by 30%!

Originally posted by RL guy:
- car manufacture/model/engine size
1997 Toyota Tacoma, production date 10/96, 2.4L Standard Reg Cab., 147-hp. When new got 16-21 MPG averaged 18-19, now: 22-27 mpg average in the high 23's to low 24's.

- mile
- brand of oil and grade
Grade Most of it's life was 30w straight.
The first 20-26K was all kinds of multi, burn rate since new VERY high... up to 1-2 Quarts per 3K.
Swiched to the 30 and after a okay burn rate til in the low 30k's I moved then to the no named I continue to use ... and the more miles I go, the less I burn and the better the MPG (go figure).

- oil filter
Bought about 12 non OEM filters, all the rest were OEM.

- oil change interval
Depends on UOA when I have them done.
Without a BY-Pass, I ran anywhere from 10-30K
With the By-pass anywhere from One in the
60k's, one in the high 50k's, one in the high 40k's, one in the high 30k's, all of which were NOT tested, JUT RAN without UOA. The rest mixed as above.

- driving style
Hard, Hard, Hard, Can you spell HARD.

1985 Mercury Topaz, 2.3L CFI, 5 speed manual trans, 240,000 miles , Mobil 1 10W-30 since 2,500 miles (Dec. 1984) and Fram filters (before I found this site). Burns no oil. Oil/Filter Changed every 7,500 miles. Driving style, moderate,my wife, a little more aggressive.

Chev Corsica 1993 3.1, 207k mi. Supertech 5w30 or rite aid sale stuff (havoline, superflo, etc) but always 5w30, even in summer. Supertech filters for last 70k, Fram and who knows what beforehand. Tuneups every 40-50k with ac-delco, autolite, walmart plugs. Never-touched 3t40 trans. Oozed Power steering fluid and motor oil, front end was shot, sold to a rube.
I don't really have a high miler anymore. The car with the highest mileage in my fleet is my

- 1972 Ford Gran Torino sport
- 400ci V8
- 142K miles
- The engine and drivetrain (C-6 and 9" limited slip) is original and in top notch shape
- used Quaker State 10W40 for the first half of its life, Castrol GTX 10W40 for the last half
- Frams were used for most of its life, although now it gets an AC Delco PF-2
- 2K mile intervals since new

I am thinking of trying Delvac 1300 15W40 or maybe Pennzoil LL 15W40 in it when I take it out in the spring.


I PM'ed you a little while ago, but I don't think you got the message yet. Check your PM's.
'97 Nissan Maxima SE 5-speed with the 3L VQ at 100,610 miles. First 45k miles, Quaker State w/ Oil Spot Quaker State(?) filters changed every 3k miles. Got religion and went to doing my own changes again. Mobil 1 10W30 & 5W30 with OEM filters.

Car has always used 2/3 quart every 3000 miles but consumption seems to be declining of late with SS. I top up now and then and don't keep very good track. I now change 3 times/year. Used to every 3k or so.

I really like banginig on the 6500 rpm redline and the car seems to enjoy it as well.
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