Your Favorite Music Video

Emerson , Lake , Palmer - Fanfare for the Common Man - Olympic Stadium (in the snow) Montreal , Canada 1977.
Part of an interview with Greg Lake: LAKE: I remember we were rehearsing in a basement beneath the Olympic stadium. It was the only place large enough to fit the whole orchestra in to rehearse. A phone call came in and I had to go up and take it, and everybody took a coffee break. So during that break I took the elevator up to the ground floor, which actually took me to the Olympic stadium. We had just heard that they wanted to release it as a single. My initial reaction was like, 'Well, no, we're too busy doing the rehearsals with the orchestra.' And I went up to the stadium and I was looking at this absolutely mind-blowing site, covered in virgin snow, with the Olympic rings lit up in neon lights at both ends. It was an eerie sight, begging for something to happen, and I thought, ‘Video.’ We got the crew to move the gear up to the stadium the next day to start recording. Of course, what we didn’t plan was for it to be way below zero. My fingers would literally slip through the strings. So we had to record it in fairly short bursts, but it was a lovely film in the end.
Since we're all showing our age here, I might as well show mine. This came out when I was in high school. The video has a historical connection, being about the Charge of the Light Brigade (Crimean War, 1850s). Of course I like the music, but I also like how the bass thumps along like the horses' hooves:

All these years later, Iron Maiden is still at it. Saw them in October in DC, fantastic. They're the best.

From the Island of Corsica, 18 yrs at the time, Alizee being sexy.

How those guys behind her weren't watching her butt during that performance, I'll never understand.

I love this music video because they made it like a movie preview instead of your normal music video.

The Black Keys, Howling For You.

These guys were virtually unknown when they were asked to play. They were rushed onto the stage due to some other artist being late. Carlos Santan has stated he has never been more afraid on stage in his life. He thought they blew it and the crowd would tear them apart and run them off! How wrong was he. Awesome peerformance by a very new thrown together band. Greg Rolle of Journey started out right here many years prior.

Music videos are completely different than music for me. I like creative & unusual things. Here are a couple of more tame ones from Bonobo, the first uses an interesting effect and has some fun "easter eggs" in the background, the second features the video genius of Cyriak:

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