Your Father's Sayings


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Fairhill Maryland
My father was a depression child the youngest of 12- so was my mother.
Both grew up on a farm.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

You don't work you don't eat.

All women are nice until you marry them.

Your just a little dandruff trying to get ahead.

Don't use your head, let me use your head...

Sink was Zinc :)

The list goes on....

His mother and father did not speak English well- So dad was a bit of a Archie Bunker wordsmith..
That said he was a brilliant businessman of utmost integrity and he never advertised as his customers just passed him around.

How about your Pop?
Roanoke Virginia
My dad always said this about my good friend who bought a rust bucket car and that is “a fool and his money go two separate ways” he also says that when that same friend only goes to the parts store for oil and filters and fluids because he thinks Walmart sells a lesser product of the same thing.
Duvall WA - Pacific NW USA
"You ain't got brains to:

a) pull a hair out of a skeeter's ass
b) pour piss out of a boot"

(Think of being 5 years old. My brother and I would just figure dad had lost it)

"No one in this family is smart, no one has any imagination"

(Dad, dude did half the DNA come from the milk man??)

Did my dad not think us kids would remember this stuff? So I was always very careful what I said and how I loved my daughters. Things were different back then though. At least my dad didn't beat us regularly.
Open your ears! it'd drive him nuts if we were absorbed in something and tuning out the world to everything else. That or maybe he just hated to hear "huh?"

Open your eyes! was another one.

To my kids: Were you with yourself today? in response to when I get the "I dunno" answer to "what did you do today" or "did you have fun today" questions. Stolen from Bill Cosby, cannot take the credit for that one.