You want to be a school Principal?

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I cant help myself and I have to comment on this video. Being the parent of two teenagers in High School. I can tell these schools are absolutely [censored] with the rules they have in place. These are young adults and they are about ready to go into the "REAL WORLD" and schools need to treat them like adults. Call me a conspiracy nut, but its all a conditioning process. We could actually walk around in the morning and talk. Second. parents need to realize they are not "Kids" they are young adults. They will have to make choices and I certainly don't plan on being there to wipe my kids A, for the rest of their lives, so they better have learned what I was teaching them up to 18. Personally, If that principle would have called me, I would have informed him, I do not personally hold you responsible for my 'CHILD" when they leave my house to go to school. As a matter of fact, I don't hold myself responsible. I hold them responsible. As a student, I probably would have very much questioned that principles authority. I think schools are out of control, due to many parents think they are child care, even with teenagers. Crazy, and we wonder why so many kids grow up to be parasites to their parents.
Cameras all around. Rules & regulations. Somebody watching you making sure you're safe. Welcome to the new world kiddies...

They went out grabbed a cup of coffee and some donuts, possibly retrieved some homework. Hey, they came back.

Wow, I compare this to some of the things we did when I was in school. Hey, we turned out OK.

No, I wouldn't want to be a principal.
A. I wouldn't want to deal with the kids.
B. I wouldn't want to have to call a SWAT team because little Johnny brought a butter knife in with his lunch.
Seeing as I would go crazy in a week stuck inside and that I hate children with a passion...definitely not.
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