You tube and the videos of repair.

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Dec 27, 2009
There are many videos on the repair of many products on youtube. My existing chain saw for example. I looked the model number up , and wala , there it was. I watched it, took my chain saw apart-- ok, not all the way, fixed the clutch part, and it is running now, wow, and no 4 week waiting for some dude to look at it....ok, maybe the videos are not for everyone, but this one was on target...check them out for fun, you may save a buck or two and learn. My son has repaired 2, 4 wheelers using them.
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Yah if a human being has evr had a notion to do anything, There' probably a You Tube Video explaining it.

My faves are

The Art of Weapons is a youngster with some amazing talent.

edit... SoCraftTastic I watch with my daughter sometimes.
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I recently learned how to remove a valve in a small Techumseh engine using just screwdrivers from a YouTube video. I was grateful for the lesson, I didn't want to "spring" the bucks for a spring compression tool for a one time job.

Then I learned how to seat the valve by lapping it in. I wasn't going to bother at first, but the fellow ended his YouTube video with the admonishment that the valves had to be lapped in properly, there was no "good enough" or you'd be doing the job over. Fair enough, I was told!
I'm making google adsense money from a few youtube videos I did.

One infamous one has 35k plus hits of people arguing over whether or not I'm doing it properly.

The nice thing about them vs a line drawing in alldata is that steps 1-6 go easy then the videographer hits a snag due to rust or whatever about where the viewer would hit that same snag.
Very useful when I attempted the drum brakes on the Cherokee. I got myself REAL confused when the guide I was using was wrong.

Luckily there was a video of someone doing it and it all made sense after that.
And social media is that bad according to some.....ALL technology has amazing uses.
Youtube DIY videos have helped me do numerous things on the 2003 Elantra, there's a video series on the XD Elantras and pretty much covers everything one can think of ... I think it's by 1AAuto or something...
Next one I am going to try is replacing the windshield washer pump
I love them! I fixed my dryer about 6 months ago thanks to one of the videos showing how to troubleshoot it and then I just went and bought the part I needed and it was fixed. There have been a few things that I didn't know how to take apart or adjust and looked up a video that taught me something new!
Yes the videos are great. The only downside is they make it look easy and I think if I watch it enough times, I can do it. No problem. The difference is in the video, all the nuts come right off! When I do it, at least 30% of the nuts don't come off, break off or strip.

And yes I know they have videos on how to remove rusted nuts and bolts too. Wished that only worked.
They came in very handy on the Traverse, when I fixed the power mirror switch and changed the spark plugs. I was a little concerned that the intake manifold had to come off, but the video showed it was much easier than I anticipated.
I use YouTube for so much! Physics tutorials, wasting time, automotive how-to's. The possibilities are endless!
I've used the vids many times. I try to make sure they cover everything before I start...and compare more than one instructional video.

For the most part they are a great tool.
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