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Mar 4, 2003
Wellington, Florida
I never realized that oil-talk could be so addictive. The expertise many of you have developed is amazing [HAIL 2 U!] [HAIL 2 U!] , and I'm hoping you could lend me some of your knowledge in the form of opinions. What oil weight, filter and change interval should I use? I live in South Florida and I have been considering switching to synthetic, specifically Mobil 1 becasue of it's OTC availability. Both cars see 80% highway use, with very few (5 times per week per car) short trips under 10 minutes. - 2002 Toyota Sequoia, 12K miles, 4.7L V8, driven 30K miles a year. Switching to synthetic at 15K. - 2003 Infiniti G35, 3K miles, 3.5L V6, driven 36K miles a year. Switching to synthetic at 7.5K. I had planned on M1 SuperSyn, 5w30, at 7500 mile intervals, with a Purolator oil filter, (Pure One, if available). Oil weight is factory recommended and 7500 miles is the interval for normal conditions. I plan on using the stock paper air filter since I understand K&N lets dirt in. [No no] Your opinions and recommendations will be greatly appreciated. [Cheers!]
That would be fine. But I'd use 10w30 instead, it will be a little more durable. There is no advantage to 5w30 in that climate.
Originally posted by Jason Troxell: That would be fine. But I'd use 10w30 instead, it will be a little more durable. There is no advantage to 5w30 in that climate.
Nice Rides. How's the G35? I agree with above if a 10W is an option in the owner's manual.
I agree with the above posts. The other thing I would suggest is using the larger filter (recommended for the year 2000 Maxima.) I would not recommend the Pureone due to its flimsy construction (The metal thickness is about >009" thick.) A better choice would be the K&N HP 1010, or the Mobil1 M 1 110. I don't recall the Bosch number. But you can check the application for the 2000 Maxima. The Supertech ST 3950 will also fit, but I hve not used it. Obviously you can use the OEM by Nissan- just make sure its not the one that's 2.5 inches long. [Welcome!]
I have a '03 Max with the same engine in in. I use Mobil 10w-30 or Amsoil 5w-30 in it in the summer and 5w-30 Mobil 1 in the Winter. Since you are under warranty, I would suggest using the stock size filter. i use the Nissan OEM or Bosch(#3323) which is better and a good compromise between filtering ability and flow.
The Pure One is a good filter. There are two common complaints about them. Some people think that the there is too much filter material jammed in them, thus making them more restrictive to flow. No hard numbers on flow capability to back that up though. The second complaint is the shell thickness. They are indeed thinner than most of their competitors. Does this make them inferior? [I dont know] Who knows. With that said, the Pure One is the filter that gets run in my cars, due to better availibility and decent pricing.
Mobil 1 10W-30 with OEM filters for the G35 in Florida. I've a '97 Max 5-speed with 90k on the odo and Redline MT-90 in the transaxle. Boy do I love just missing the 6500 rpm rev limiter. The VQ is simply brutal, you can not kill it with a hammer.
I have an '01 Maxima and have used the Mobil 110 and Bosch 3323 with good results. Recently switched to the Wix 15136 in preference to the top mounted bypass valve design and potential flow advantages. Only time will tell if that's wise. If your G35 only has 3K miles, you may want to wait a little longer to switch over to synthetic. On the site there is a well regarded, and long running oil analysis spreadsheet available for downloading. One of the conclusions Bill99gxe, the creator of the spreadsheet, has come to after seeing so many oil analysis on Nissan engines is that switching to syntheitic oil in a Nissan V6 before 10K miles can create other wear issues at later mileage. He strongly recommends a good dino, like Castrol, upto to 10K and THEN switching to synthetic. These great Nissan V6 engines simply take a long time to finish breaking in. "Enjoy the ride!" PS. I use M SS 5W30 in hot Arkansas, and that engine doesn't consume a drop between 5K change intervals. Absolutely love that engine! [ March 05, 2003, 11:37 PM: Message edited by: Roger ]
Here is link and filter numbers: didn't go far enough [Embarrassed] . Just plug in 2000 Maxima. [Smile] Al, I pulled these numbers from the link for you-Joe STP S6607 BOSCH 3323 MOBIL M1-110 MOBIL CAN ALSO BE USED M1-108 FRAM PH7317 K&N HP-1010 BECK/ARNLEY 041-8135 3 MO AC-DELCO PF2057 [ March 05, 2003, 03:34 PM: Message edited by: joee12 ]
I think the Pure Ones hold up perfectly fine (they sure have for me so far). The only reason you might need a thicker shell is if either filter is in a location where it's exposed to rock strikes. Burst strength is a non-issue.
Like the responses so far guys. The G's a great car... best bang for the buck by far! Both vehicles' underbodiess are shielded... believe it or not, the G35's shield has 14 bolts to remove, the SQ just 5 bolts. I thought Pure One was an excellent filter??? I was trying save $5 an oil change here,... I know, I know, it may not be worth it in the long run to be cheap. But I thought the Pure One was excellent. I will however change to a Mobil 1 filter if the feedback here is that convincing. Thanks so far....
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