You ever let friends change oil at your house?

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Dec 9, 2003
Since I have a house and many of my freiends are single I lewt them work on their cars at my home.
Well they always manage to make a nice mess.I alaways offer to do it for them they always decline. I have all the tools, pans etc.
I get kinda "nervous" when 5 quarts of oil are on the floor and not in the pan.

I just have found its best to go inside for a bit while they are working .
If it's someone I trust to take care of the equipment and not make a mess, sure. If it's someone who I suspect will make a mess or not "leave it like they found it" then absolutely not.

I have a neighbor down the road that borrows equipment a couple times a year. He always brings it back full of fuel, washed and waxed (he even waxed my rototiller once!).
Dude, that's like wife swapping to me, just don't do it. Good friendships can be lost.
Letting a friend use something is no big deal for me as long as it comes back in roughly the same shape it was in to begin with.

A way to be super nice and yet "protect your investment" at the same time is just to do the work for them! Accident prone friend wants to borrow your snowblower? "Why, your driveway is already done!"

Really good friends or family is another story, however. You just have to look the other way as they inevitably destroy everything. [The worst is when they are trying to do you a favor and then they screw something up really bad.]
Like Jim74 said, my friends do come to my house to change their oil= I am the one under the car doing everything. Most of them are women and friends with my wife and single so I do it for free just to have the satisfaction of knowing that I may possibly save one of these cars from their drivers.
My mechanically-inclined buddies are as anal about tools and things as me, so no problem there. With anyone else, I do the work myself or I hang out. I'm not necessarily supervising though; automotive work is a social event for me!
Wife swapping! And waxing the rototiller. Now that is funny........

Dang send some of the single women my way. I'll take care of their vehicles for them. Actually I don't have a place for working on cars right now. That is very frustrating
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