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I have the Geolander's for a 1994 Toyota Landcruiser 275-70-16. As soon as I get them on, I can talk of personal experiences with 2. Michelin LTX's (8 sets) 3. Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo's. (they replaced another set of Michelin LTX's) Bang for the buck it seems the Yokohama Geolander G051 (105) is very hard to beat. There is a savings of 132 per set of 4. Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo's(138.) are rated # 1 but in the AT category.

Tire Rack also has the Geolanders ranked #1 vs #6 for the LTX Michelin's (139.).

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If you're refering to the Yokohama Geolander H-T/S G051, then YES...its a great truck tire. Probably better suited if you use your truck more like a car(not heavily loaded, primarily on-road use). I've heard nothing but good things about that tire.
Some folks in my truck club ( have had the Yokos, they say they are an excellent all-around tire but they wear somewhat quickly. I off-roaded once with a guy who had the AT+II's in the stock size and he did very well.
My brother upgraded hos 95 Z-71's bald 265/75r16 up to 285/75r16.

I helped hom choose the Yoko Geolander AT+II's.

Great tire. Looks killer too.

We found them at Discount Tire and Wheel.

The instore price was $148, but the online price was $112. We printed it out and the store honored it.

Is your F-150 4x4? If so these are great tires for a great price.

Deep lugs, and smooth riding. Should have great wear if rotated and balanced when needed.

4 tires + lifetime balance and rotation and 100% roadhazzard replacement warranty was about $590.
I have the Yok's on the Dodge diesel; great tire, so far. Exceptional handling, cornering

Had the BFG A/T KO's standard stock size, good gosh they were horrible in the rain
, snow
and forget ice
. Off-road they were not bad in handling, however, they wore horribly. They only lasted 25K miles with every 3K mile rotation - Dodge diesel's are heavy.

But at $165 a tire, the BFG's get a big

Also have a set of Bridgestone Revo's on the Isuzu =
in all areas!! 18K miles and counting.

Have old Bridgestone Dueler A/T's on an old Toyota pick-up - they check the grade as well.

Will only buy the Yok's or Bridgestone for my trucks; no more BFG's.
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