Yokohama Geolander AT G015

May 13, 2013
upstate NY
Originally Posted by e55amgbenz007
G015's lasted 15K on a 2001 Z71 Tahoe. Yes, 15K and they were not suitable for driving.
On my F150, the G015s are at 35k miles and measure 7/32" of tread left ( I measured 12/32" when they were new). Mine are 275/65R18 and the truck weighs 6450 lbs with a Leer fiberglass cap and half tank of fuel. They're not so great on grass or loose dirt (for instance: going into a field to retrieve hay bales on a trailer) and by no means are they true winter tires, but they're not marketed as such, so no problem there. It's very important to watch the air pressure in these tires; it's very easy to run a little too much pressure and wear the center of the tire way ahead of the outer portions. By watching tire wear closely, I've made adjustments and kept the wear even. The G015s ride and handle very nice, they can deal with most weather conditions pretty well, I get great fuel economy with them and they're wearing well for what I put them through.
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