Yokohama AVS db S2...your opinions?

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
I already have these on my 1997 T-bird sport option.
(W-rated, 225/60/16), $96 each from TireRack.

I have about 20k on them now; I like them a lot better than the crappy overpriced Michelin Symmetry's I had before. Yoko's have been great in quietness, handling, and also in wet/snow(IMO).(However, one of the tires delivered my TR was out of round; TR customer service was great: replaced with no questions in 3 days).

Anyway, I'm seriously thinking of going with them again when it's time for a change.

What do you guys think of these tires? Any reason NOT to go with them again? Any (-) things that escaped my observations?

PS/ Unfortunately, wifey's 2003 Elantra has the winner for the worst tire on this forum: Michelin MXV4
traction ta tires have a lot of rolling resistance, which has caused a few mpg drop, if that matters to you.

As for the yokos, Ive heard mixerd things, and have heard from a lot of places that they wear really fast.

Ive had a set on the BMW 325i for seven months now. So far, so good. They do not look like much of a snow tire, but that is a very low priority for me. They handled the recent torrential rains with no hint of hydroplaning. Steering response and straight line stability are well balanced. More than worth the money for a "V" rated tire, even if they prove to not last forever.
I put a set of the Yok AVS dBs on my 1991 BMW 535i (225/60/15) and was very pleased with them as well. Sidewalls not stiff enough for "darting" lane changes, but they held very tenaciously when tossed into corners (lowered with a Sachs kit). I am torn between their quietness and smoothness vs the reported sportiness of the new BFG Traction TA.

Still can't make up my mind...
they are not as quiet as they should be.

the first incarnation was HORRIBLE.

this is slightly better, but i still think they could have done better.

i thought the sidewalls were too soft and they wore down quickly, but i guess that is what their customers want.

i still haven't found the perfect tire.
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