Yes, German Castrol 0W30 Again

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Jul 2, 2003
Now that I've fumed and fussed about this in the off-topic section, and since after 3 or 4 days Autozone Customer Service has not answered my question, I'll ask you guys. For those of you in GA, SC, LA, CA (Patman has made it clear that in [Canada] there is a veritable reservoir of the stuff) are you still seeing NEW shipments coming in or did you have a surge that ultimately subsided. Would just like to know if there is any chance it will someday reach the Rockies. TNX
just an FYI, I thought your itdea of emailing them to be such a good idea that I did the same. And no replies... I can only find it at one autozone in all of the ones I have visited in NJ and DE. ANd that one store has it consistently. JMH
thanks for the info...makes you wonder how they are making the distribution decision...guess they look at who moves the most 0W30 and push it their way OR is it "the next wave" once current stores get rid of their older stock...I have had more than one Autozone employee tell me...we don't know what we are going to get...the decision makers push everything to us...and that brings up another thought, why--except for Canada--only's hoping...
All I can say is that my closest Autozone now has the German 0W-30. When I was shopping for it about 2 months ago I had to visit several stores to find 5 quarts. So if anything availability has improved, at least in my little area of suburban Atlanta, GA.
Pscholte, like you I am in Colorado Springs. I also travel a good bit. When I have time and see an AutoZone during my trips, I ck to see if they have the German oil. No such luck yet. SO CS is not unique from my experience.
When I changed my oil and used the German Syntec, I bought the last 5 quarts they had. What was left was the old yellow label domestic stuff. When I checked back a couple weeks ago, they had the German stuff and that was ALL that was on the shelf.
The two Autozones that I frequent in Union City and Newnan, Georgia, have as much of the German Syntec as you could want. If you want to pay the ground freight I'll send you a few quarts if you're dieing to try it.
Thanks to all of you for your responses and FowVay thanks for the just so happens that as of this morning, the quest is over; I found one case after checking EVERY Autozone in Colorado Springs proper. [Happy] They had no idea what it was. From what you all are saying...and the fact that we finally got some...I believe the supply lines are filling up. [Big Grin] FowVay, your response sounds especially encouraging. I guess the supply pattern is southeast outward to the rest of the country. My son should be glad. He's on a trip with his college buddies to Chicago (they drove a van) and I was thinking about asking him to check around the Windy City and bring some back........... well, I have done some nice things for him too, you know! Again thanks, everyone. [HAIL 2 U!]
pscholte, I am willing to bet that we will discover in the end that the German Castrol is one of the best motor oils there is. The top motor oils in Europe are simply better than what a person can buy here. Now most of the ordinary people in Europe are probably driving cheap vehicles when they can even afford them and using motor oils that may not be any better than what we can buy here, and perhaps even worse. But the top motor oils in Europe would probably beat just about anything sold here in the USA.
Maybe we will get sufficient UOAs from our members to demonstrate that; have you seen Sprintman's post in Patman's German Castrol UOA thread that says "Yeah we sold alot of SLX 0W30 but wait 'til you see the Formula R 0W40 that replaced it"...I told him (good naturedly) [Big Grin] to give us a chance to enjoy our Gummybear oil before he tempts us with Godiva chocolate!!! [Roll Eyes]
You know something, pscholte, when I was at the only AutoZone here in Pueblo today, looking for the German Castrol, I noticed a box that had something like Castrol R on it. I did not pay much attention because I was looking for the German Castrol. This Castrol Formula R is going to replace the German Castrol? Is that the reason we had such a hard time finding the German Castrol-it was just a stopgap until this Castrol Formula R started shipping? Like I said-I did not pay much attention to the box. I can't remember what viscosity it said on the box, if it said a viscosity. Forget about asking anybody here any questions-they could have a box of German Castrol in the back of the store and they would not even know what it was. They would probably sell the stuff mixed with American Castrol.
Castrol's website specs out their 0w-30 according to the German oil. (Except for the erroneous GL-3 reference.) This suggests that this is more than a trial marketing run. --Then again, websites are changed with a simple file edit...
sprintman, Did not take your comment as an "attitude" at all. I guess my tease back didn't come across very well either because I was surely "just messin' with ya." Hope SLX turns out to be good...considering how much I fussed and fumed until I got some. [Cheers!] [ July 13, 2003, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
Yes technically Australians, Americans and Canadians speak English but we use it differently and sometimes communication gets blurred. After working for US companies since until recently since 1976 (NASA, Honeywell Information Systems, Digital Equipment Corporation, and a local IT company just sold by Mantech) and being heavily into US racing and engines (I read a lot) I try to post using US terms and euphemisms as often as I can. Doesn't always work though.
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