yellow label castrol 0w30

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Jun 23, 2004
Hattiesburg, MS.
Autozone is clearancing this product $1.00 qt. I presently use GC 0w30 and I know it is not as good as the green stuff. But for $1.00 qt I am tempted to buy all I can get and use it in farm trucks, lawn mowers, & 4 wheelers. This stuff any good ?
I wish our Autozones were doing the same, but the few I found Syntec 0W-30 at still wanted ~$5.00 per bottle for it. Instead I stocked up on Maxlife Synthetic at $2.00/quart. For OCI's within the vehicle manufacturer's specification I would use any name brand synthetic without fear. John
I bought all the GC left (12 qts.) at my local AZ but the sale price was $3.99/qt. [Frown] The pretty girl at the cash register asked me if I was planning to do an oil change soon; I mentioned I was stocking up and then proceeded to tell her about the different Castrol Syntecs. She was pleasantly surprised at the color and odor of GC and gave me a bunch of oil change reminder stickers as a thank you. [Wink]
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