Yeesh, I tried not to do this...

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Sep 25, 2002
Loveland, Colorado
I was at the local clearance store & found some Kendall 10W-40 syn blend for 95¢/qt. I think they're SL, but they might be SJ. There were only five qts, so I bought all five & figgerd I could use them for my 2nd A-Rx clean cycle. Then I noticed there were also a few bottles of Trop-Artic 10W-30 SM/GF-4 full syn for only $1.25/qt. There were only eight qts of that, so I bought all eight.

My goal was to whittle my number of oils down to just one type for all three cars. Now I've got seven different motor oils in my garage!! ("Gosh!") Oh well... I guess it's good to have something other than just PAO full syn, right?
Like when we borrow that friend's truck that always needs a qt & a half added just to register on the dipstick....

Everyone have a non-emergency-room 4th!
I was recently at a local home center (Menards) and they had Rotella 15W-40 for 1.68/qt. I had absolutely no use for it, but I simply had to pick up a case.

It was like a sickness-I just had to buy it.

Go figure.
Both my Volvo's use the same oil filter and both use Mobil 1 10W30. The only problem is one uses a copper washer and the other uses a aluminum one.
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