Yearly mileage.

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Jun 11, 2002
Clarksville, Tennessee
Any mileage junkies out there? How are you doing for the year so far?

Right now I'm at 765 for the year, and 419 for the month. I don't know if I will make 500 for the month but that was my goal. I'll probably get another 20-30 in before the end of the month.

Oh well I'll try harder next month.
Hmm, I haven't been biking at all for a few years until I picked it again up early this year. So far I put about 1,800 miles on the bike. I ride about 15-20 miles five times a week. Mostly park and light trails. I found out I'm in lousy shape and three foot drops scare me. No more dive-bombing essentially vertical 60 foot inclines for me!
Does trainer time count?

I am still trying to re-hab my knee but I am probably around 200 a month, actual road time. I try to ride a trainer during lunch at work a couple times a week but I don't keep track of the mileage as mine isn't set up to record it. I figure it's a hard 45 min or so, maybe 12-15 miles. The guys and I ride a 25 or so mid week with a 35-50 (so far) on the weekend.

Last year I was riding 15 x 5 plus a long 40-80 on the weekends.
I used to have one of those bicycle computers and I would keep track of the mileage. That thing kept messing up and I don't know the exact number. But I'm estimating about 250 miles a year. When I ride I ride about an hour. Each ride is about 10-15 miles or so round trip. Most of the time its riding from my house via the park (Golden Gate Park) to the beach and back. Light trails or concrete mainly. But lots of hills in SF so lots of effort.
I do about 200 hard miles per year historically... But I used to row a LOT, so i put a lot of 'meters' sitting on my butt going backwards.

The last year hasnt been very bike friendly for me, Ivebeen running more, but still are probably over 150 miles most of it mountaing riding.

Now that Im trying to do erands on my bike and bought a home in suburbia (rather than an apartment in Delaware), I hope to be biking a lot more with the fiancee...

Next year Ill have 500mi mixed riding as my goal, especially if I buy a grocery trailer

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