yamaha zuma 50cc

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Feb 3, 2011
Golden Meadow, LA
I just bought two Zumas from one of my moms coworkers for $100, not thats not a typo. she bought them brand new for her and her then boyfriend in 2004, she paid $4200 for both One has 731 miles, the other has 2,019. Theyve been sitting up for the past 5 years, a little rust and algae on them but otherwise like new. From what Ive read they go about 40 mph top speed, perfect for the rural area i live in, trips to the store, here and there, etc. They were running when she stored them, gas smells really old and like varnish, id like to drain the old gas, clean the carbs and see if they will fire . theyre hard to roll, im assuming from sitting up. I started to pull the panels off to get to the carb, as much as I could before it got too dark. Anyone that owns a Zuma has any tips or tricks to work on these little things?
Open the screw on the bottom of the float bowl and see what comes out. Hopefully you'll see smelly fuel only. Drain the gas tank and refill with fresh. If the engine is hard to turn over, the oil pump has likely failed and the bottom end is full of oil. If there is still oil in the tank, and it turns over OK, go for it. Batteries will be toast after that long in storage, but WM carries them, and they are reasonable. They are neat, reliable scooters. My sis in law has a 99 that sees regular duty at the campground. Just use a decent 2 stroke injector oil in them, not a TCW-3.
If you go to jump them leave the donor car off. Scoots have crude voltage regulation and basically turn anything over 12.5 volts into heat. They have a CVT trans and might not roll smoothly, not sure how or if they freewheel.
Drain fuel and oil. Remove carb. Clean the snot out of it. Install new battery. Fresh gas + decent 2T oil (I prefer Torco or Redline but also use Stihl Synthetic in a pinch). Don't jump start. Just asking for problems as mentioned above. I'd replace fuel lines, oil injector lines, and spark plug as well. Keep us posted.
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