XW-40 Rotella Synth vs. GTX HM

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Mar 26, 2004
I have two jeep 4.0L's one 130k and one 80k. Both use an oversized motorcraft filter which I think I am going to stay with. I usually do 4-5k OCI's which I am going to stay with since I have about 50% of the time I am in slow traffic.

Which one would be better rotella T synth 5w-40 or castrol GTX HM 10W-40. both are about the same price.

Originally posted by OiledMustangGT:
not necessarily, but something in the ?W-40 flavor with a robust addative package for under $3/quart

Pennzoil High Mileage would be another choice then, but I'd still use the Rotella...
I don't know what your "selection criteria" is, but I just (this past weekend) was asked by a family friend to pick up an oil and filter for her Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.0 I-6.

Picked up some Mobil Delvac 1300 and Motorcraft FL-1A filter.
Well, I guess that answers that!
I'd go with Rotella T- 5w-40 and just do 6 month OCIs with any filter you desire. If the price holds on Rotella T (12.xx/gal), I'll abandon my quest for a 1 year OCI with Delvac if the 6 month OCI with Rotella yields the same results. I'm up to 12.5k (not completed yet) for Delvac 1 ..but at $21 a gallon ..it just may not pay if Rotella works out for 9k/6 months (which it should ..easily). Then again ..my wife's TJ has a 10.5 quart capacity.

My four banger SE sees some urban driving ..little highway. For that I do a 6 month interval regardless of mileage (typically 5-6k). It only has a 4 quart capacity. My wife's 4.0 sees almost all highway during her 18k per year commute.
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