xW-20 OCI

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Aug 3, 2004
Can a 20 weight synthetic oil, namely M1 0W-20, be extended to a 6000-7500k OCI? I wasn't sure that since it is a lighter oil if it needed to be changed more often or not. Thanks, DR
I just swtich from dino to Valvoline w-20 syn oil at 7.5K and I am planning to do a 7.5K miles OCI, I think it should be fine, I will do a oil analysis at that point.
The answer depends on engine type, driving conditions and the season(s) in question. The short answer is probably yes, but only a UOA can confirm that for certain.
What is the oil change recommendations from the car maker and do they recommend full synthetic? For instance, if the maker said 0w20 dino oil was OK for 5,000 miles then I would have little concern extending to 7,000 miles with full synthetic. If the maker said that 0w20 full synthetic was OK for 5,000 miles then I would be concerned about going to 7,000 miles. My book says dino oil for 7,500 miles and I run 10,000 miles on full synthetic, no problem.
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