XOM Superflo sae30, 3.5hrs, 06YZ250F MMoD loses?

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Jun 28, 2005
Cedar Park, TX
what can i say. the MMoD loses yet again to the 79cent elixer in the red bottle. superflo 20w50 held up and now sae30 does as well. funny how sae30 did better than 10w40, but went 29.6% more time. http://unruhly.net/sunruh/uoa.d/ i guess the USPS lost my sample for a while. yes, it took over 1 month to get it to blackstone and analyzed.
One thing these tests definitely seem to indicate is that just about any oil you put in there is at least protecting the engine to an adequate degree--even the ones which shear. I do agree that the fixed 30 has acquitted itself very, very well here. [Smile] Dan
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