XD-3 0w30 too heavy for 0w20 application?

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May 25, 2005
Calgary Canada
I used XD-3 0w-30 this in my wife's 2003 Acura TL with the Honda 3.2L v6. (the UOA is posted somewhere on the UOA section). Your Odyssey probably has the same engine architecture as the TL. I think I am not off side by disclosing that my OUA (with Dyson Analysis) on this oil was decent, but IIRC Terry advised that this XD3 0w-30 had too much phosphorus for this engine design. That's some pretty specific advice from as good and credible an authority as you can get on this board. I'd apply it to your new odyssey if I were you. Phosphorus aside, on your point of is it too heavy - I thought it did OK, but that was strictly in a hot summer. XD3 0w-30 is way on the heavy side of a 30wt, and is darn close to a 40wt. I certainly wouldn't try it in the winter. I was a religious 5k km's M1 user for the first 60k km's. Apart from 1 OCI with XD3, I'm now using PZ 5w-20 for my wife's car. If you're interested, I have a 9k km (5.6k miles) OCI on the PZ 5w-30 that I'll be sending in for analysis...and I'll be posting that within a month. I hope this helps. Enjoy your new van!
I have a couple jugs of 0w30 XD-3 left over that I used to use on my Grand Caravan (now sold). My new van is a 2006 Honda Odyssey which specs 0w20. Warranty issues aside, is the 0w30 too heavy for the Odyssey? I also have a couple jugs of 0w40 left over from my Volkswagen Beetle (also replaced - with a 2007 Chevrolet Impala). This is probably waaaay too heavy for either application, no?
You may consider mixing XD-3 0W30 with a ?W20 to avoid deviating too far from 20 weight recommendation. I have a 2001 Honda CRV and a 2003 Mazda Protege, both 5W30 spec. I am going to use the XD-3 mix with a 5W20 for the winter, about 60% XD3 to 40% 5W20 to balance heavy 30 - closer to 40 weight XD-3. Of course, that may work only so long as you are a mixologist [Wink]
Used 0w-30 XD-3 in my wife's old Corolla. Used to work just fine, winter or summer. Currently use it in my 318 Dakota. The 1.8T Jetta will be using up my stash of Green GC and once that is all used up I will use XD-3 in it as well. John.
I think I would follow the manufactures recomendation on any new vehicle. I'd use the heavy stuff in my 200 dollar lawn mower. Let me think $28,000 car with a 6,000 engine and I am considering using the wrong viscosity oil to save $25?. Don't make sense to me but, that's just me and the way I think.
XD3 0w30 is a thick 30 weight so I would watch it a bit. Try it half and half with some good 5w20.
I think the general consensus on the recommendation of 5W20 by Honda, is that it was done for mileage reasons. Other than North America, Honda recommends 5W30 for the same engine as that in my Odyssey.
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