Wrong Resolution on Monitor

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Jun 8, 2002
Elizabethtown, Pa
Scheesch..another problem by me. I have a computer and 2 monitors . I use the monitors and the computer in the "analog" mode and cable. For some reason that computer seems to have lost the ability to have it display on either monitor when it previously could. I know I need to change it to a 1600 x 900. Previously it was able to do that on its own. I know I could manually do that (I have Ubuntu) but since I can't get a display..[censored]..over. mad
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Whenever I have had to switch displays with our Ubuntu box at work, nothing would work properly until XServer was restarted each time. Then it would automatically switch to the proper res, and also let me select what I wanted.
Both monitors are fine. I turned off monitor and then turned back on before connecting the new computer. Can I press one of the "F" Keys while it is booting up? And which one? It goes so fast I can't follow it.
d to do was type the Password in even though he could not read the screen. The normal resolution magically appeared. I asked him why this occurred. He said its just a Linux kind of thing..no (seeming) rhyme or reason.
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