Wrong M1 added what to do now?

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Jan 7, 2004
My wife took our 03 Honda Odessey to a Jiffy Lube and was talked into 10w 30 Mobile 1, the guy said it would be ok. The manual sais use 5w 20 oil. Should I replace the oil now, or wait 5000 miles? We live in Northern Indiana and the vehicle is garaged. It has 6500 miles on it. Thanks Jeff
I don't trust any of those quick lube places. I think your better off to either change it yourself or let the dealer do it. If it were summer I'd leave the 10w30 in but that's a bit on the thick side for a new car and winter on top of it.........
I agree about 10w-x being a bit thicker than necessary (I'm in SW Mich w/ similar temps). "Let the dealer" do it? Do you think their mechanics care more or are smarter? I recently had a radiator replaced under warranty. When I checked the antifreeze mix, it was only good to +5 deg F. That's not even close to acceptable........ Dave
Might want to check but if I rember correctly mobil 1 10/30 is good to well below 0. i use it in my 150 that requires 5/20. Hopefully one of the experts will chime in here. Molakule, Patman, Tooslick, Pablo, Msparks, Terry, Anyone? [HAIL 2 U!]
PS If they don't agree to change the oil for fee with Mobil-1 0w20 or give you a refund if they change it to a dyno oil like Pennzoil 5w20, hopefully she paid by credit card. I would dispute the charge with your credit card company. It is a simple process to dispute a charge.
Your fine just leave it in there. M1 10w-30 is a good grade and will flow well below Zero.
jhlewis, I have the same engine as you have. M1 10w-30 will work absolutely fine in there. I'd be interested to see if your gas mileage goes up any, or at least remains stable, throughout the winter months.
I'd keep the 10w30 as well...synthetics flow better than dino anyways. Also, everyone seems to know that Mobil 1 is always on the thinner side, rather than the thicker side of a given viscosity
Mobil 1 10w-30 use to be listed at 9.7 at 100 C; 0w-20 Mobil 1 is a hair over 9 at 100 C; the difference is not significant. There is twice as much spread between 10w-30 pennzoil and 10w-30 high mileage pennzoil. Remember that the difference between viscosity grades is along a scale, and 0w-20 Mobil 1 is on the very high side of 20 weight, and Mobil 30 weight is on the very low side of 30 weight. Keep the 10w-30 in, your engine probably won't know the diference between the two!
Just to chime in... The mazda6 guys (Mazda/Ford Duratec 3.0 Liter V6 with VVT), can tell a difference in the engines performance just from jumping from 5w-20 to 5w-30. EVEN if the 5w-30 is mobil1. (A thin 30 wt by most individuals discussions). In fact its so crazy obvious when you switch, even passengers notice the difference in performance. Wear #'s drop as well (Moving from a 30 wt to a 20 wt). Just plain crazy. (The cap and manual btw recommend 5w-20 fullfilling ford's spec).
Originally posted by Drew99GT: Mobil 1 10w-30 use to be listed at 9.7 at 100 C; 0w-20 Mobil 1 is a hair over 9 at 100 C; the difference is not significant.
The primary concern here is cold weather performance, not at 100ºC. I'm sure M1 10W-30 would flow well enough in the cold, but I'd be pissed nonetheless, and demand they drain it and replace it with M1 0W-20, for free.
I agree...just keep it. It's not the "wrong M-1", it's just a different one. [Cheers!]
Thanks for all the info! The only reason she took it to a Jiffy Lube is that we were just in Fl and the Honda dealer was too far away. So I guess in Fl is definately would be ok. I am still ticked and may write a letter or call to get my money back. I will keep it in, and have the dealer do it next time bringing my own correct grade of M1. Jeff
Well-If you decide not to contest it you should be ok, I used the 10W-30 in Central Pa and it started fine in temps below -15F. Just give it another minute or two to run before driving in temps below 0F [Smile]
It's a Jiffy Lube; Your wife is the victim of the classic upsell. No biggie... M1 10W30 is fine... IF THEY ACTUALLY PUT IT IN THERE...!!!!!!!!!! I would take it back and demand the correct weight, and watch them put it in...!!! [Mad]
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