Wrench coating ?

Dec 7, 2003
Florida, Cape Coral
Some of my 65 year old Craftsman combination wrenches are showing rust. I will be cleaning them up with a wire brush. Is there a clear spray coating or other coating that would offer some protection and still be durable? Thank you much. Ed
After wheeling the rust off, I would give them a light coating of wd-40, or really any oil once in a while. RemOil or a similar CLP would also be ideal. If you use a spray paint without a hardener, it'll just get mushy.
I would clean them chemically, not wire wheel them. You will damage the finish less by trying something like evaporust.

CLP or plain oil for a wipe down afterwards.
My assumption is that OP wants to spend nothing other than time here.

Wire brush as needed.
Grab a shop rag and drop a dollup or less of motor oil onto it.
Wipe the wrenches down with the shop rag.
The drier they look, the better.
Mission accomplished.
I live near the beach. Lots of humidity and salt in the air. Neglected tools rust in this environment.

So, I wipe down tools after use to remove the dirt/grease. I’ll hit them with aerosol brake cleaner if the dirt is significant or stuck in recesses, like socket interiors.

Periodically, I spray oil, or CLP, on a microfiber and wipe everything down.

I have no tool rust issues despite my climate.
Seems like cleaning them is a problem. Too clean and they rust. Just wipe off with a rag and store like that, no hitting with a degreaser so as to store squeaky clean.