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May 8, 2004
Gretna, La
So ya after a 25dollar autozone reward credit I still paid 35 bucks for 6quarts of M1 40w and M1 filter. I couldnt believe it was that high. I guess it hit me hard since i dont drive the firebird much and doesnt need many oil changes. For that price I shoulda added oil for it along with my amsoil order for the civic. I have been wanting to try out the dominator series.
The trick to buying M1 is get the 5-quart jugs at Walmart for $26.00. Get your filter at Autozone to use up your reward. Other stores have 5-quart jugs, but not in very many different viscosities. There is a reason why Autozone offers those rewards: their prices are not that great.
m1 40 does not come in the jug. ya the 10dollar rebate. no go for me. It's only during march. for some darn reason i thought u had to buy the oil in april. It did hurt the pocket a lil just cuase i wasnt expecting it to be that much but oh well. I wont need to change it anytime soon. Only reason im changing it now is i just got done replacing the intake gasket and i wanna get any junk out that might have fell in.
ya just read that, but there arent any rebate forms on the site. Sucks...i didnt think u would have to print it up that soon.
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ya just read that, but there arent any rebate forms on the site. Sucks...i didnt think u would have to print it up that soon.
Yes, the period to print the forms is over. The whole idea was to compensate for the inconvenience of shortages of M1 after the damage to the ExxonMobil PAO plant during Hurricane Ike (apparently it was mostly flood damage). I believe the plant has been back on-line for since about the beginning of the year.
Frank Billingsley, the chief meteorologist at KPRC in Houston, just came up to the Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference. Flooding was definitely the issue during Ike along with prolonged tropical storm and hurricane force winds. I found this out during his presentation that a lot of refineries came within 3 feet of being flooded out. That would have been a huge problem. To put this in perspective, there is a new hurricane index called the integrated kinetic energy index for hurricanes that factor in the winds and storm surge. Ike's IKE index was higher than that of Katrina's whose winds dropped to category 3 on landfall.
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I don't want to rub it in, but you could have gotten five qts. and a M1 filter on sale for about $30 last month...the extra qt. might have bumped it to $37...
ya i know that. I bought it the last time i did my oil change. Yesterday was a spur of the moment thing. My wife was out with her sisters and i figured I could just work on my car and get that intake leak fixed. Still i only paid 35bucks so its not a big deal. It's just the fact that it would have actually cost me 60 and i didnt realize M1 had went up that much. I'm not sure if i woulda still paid the 60bucks for it. I have used m1 for a long time in my lt1 and been happy with it. I hate making changes so i dont know what i woulda have went with.
Why didn't you buy the Autozone special and get 5 quarts of Castrol 0w30 and a K&N filter for $25? This is for the Firehawk-correct? The Autozone special is runnign through April 8th so go back and get some. They are running a Mobil 1 special at Advance so hit there and pick some up as well.
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well now that my intake leak is fixed. Next oil change I want to go with Amsoil. Just took it out for a nice ride with a good few WOT bursts. Got the oil nice and hot and let it idle and no intake leak. A lil bit of seepage from the oil pan/timing cover but its no biggie. I havent seen many lt1's that dont leak so i'll take watever i can
Have you checked the oil pan bolts to see if they are tight? It isn't uncommon to have them loosen over the years, especially if the gaskets shrinks.
yeah i have checked them. good to go. I replaced it when i first did my timing chain and then again when i did the cam install, and then again when i thought it was leaking really bad from the oil pan. turned out to be he waterpump seal. few weeks later my intake starts guess it has to come out somewhere.
okay bringing an old post back up. Seems walmart does not even sell the 40w in quarts anymore but they do have 15w50 in the jugs. Would that be a good oil to switch to for an LT1? I was told an lt1 likes oil that has a viscosity of 12 to 14cst at 100C. 15w50 is at 18.1. I just read M1 TDT 5w40 is 14.9cst at 100c. I think they have that in a jug aswell. any comments on that?
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