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Black Bart:

Thank you for the effort, but. . . This is a good example of why you might ought to prowl around a site for a while before making a "WOW..." post. I'm not sure what's more worn out -- the Pennzoil sludge thing that just won't die, or the beaten-almost-to-death NY City Taxi Oil folly (it won't die either). The Taxi study is nearly useless because, IMO, first, the usage pattern of the vehicles is very different from how most of us use our cars, and second, it's heavily biased in favor of the dino oils. Off the top of my head, they "tested" a couple dozen dinos in several different grades, while only sampling one true syn in one grade (M1) and a couple of blends too. Don't get me wrong, especially today, dinos are fine for a lot of scenarios, and often, the syn will do no better, that study is positively the wrong thing upon which to base that argument.

Thanks, but no thanks.
Those taxis were rarely,if ever shut down.

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