Wow, this stuff is really green

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Dec 15, 2002
Simpsonville SC
Just put some Schaeffer's 7000 10W-30 in the imfamous Xterra. I knew it was green but thought is was like dark, murky green. Looks like coolant. Oh well, goes along with the Halloween theme [Big Grin] . I just finished the Auto-Rx treatment so in a few thousand I'll be sending in a UOA of this. Hope it delivers the same as other good reports have shown.
Even though this oil hasn't been mentioned much lately, it's still an excellent oil, and a great bargain. And it does have a very nice looking greenish/teal tinge to it too. [Smile]
Boy am I bummed! When I saw the title I thought this was another exciting GC thread! [Big Grin] Oh well, I'm glad Schaeffers has a green oil too.
Originally posted by pscholte: You might unleash a power not meant to be experienced by mortal men! [Eek!]
Only because they'd be green with envy...
Originally posted by Patman: Maybe I should try mixing both of these oils and coming up with one final SUPER GREEN OIL! [Big Grin]
That tastes great and is less filling and goes 10k OCIs [Cool] My 1st try of Scheaffers is on the way!! [Cool]
Nothin murky about that BobZoil! It's given several great UOA's in my car, I'm waiting on some 15K results now. I'll confess, when I poured in the Lubro Moly 0w40 last weekend, it occurred to me that: 1. Curiousity killed the cat(my curiousity about the 0/5w40 oils! Hope I don't regret it!) 2. I really missed the green color! [Big Grin]
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